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  1. Nov 2015
    1. we will stop making excuses and dangerous assumptions about what they do and don't know about using technology.

      As educators we should not be making excuses and assumptions to begin with. Changing a label isn't going to educate students, that's the teacher's job. We should all help our native students learn to be citizens regardless.

    2. The minute that we place a device in the hands of a child, it does not make them a digital native.

      We think that digital native refers to someone who is intuitive with technology and we disagree that it is a negative stereotype. We understand the importance of being a digital citizen and also agree that everyone should be a citizen, but being a native is simply a part of being born in a technological era.

    3. It is dangerous for us to assume that there is such a thing as a "digital native.

      Elizabeth and I discussed the difference between being a native and being a citizen and we disagreed that it is dangerous to assume that younger people are natives. This just means that someone is comfortable with technology and is used to working with it on a regular basis. If we start to label everyone as a citizen instead of a native, we are only changing the title because there will still be those that don't understand what being a citizen is. On the other hand, if we have both terms, we can teach the natives that it is important to also be a citizen.

    1. Digital Health & Wellness:

      Elizabeth and I discussed what we thought is digital citizenship, and we covered many of the topics listed here, but we both agreed that Health & Wellness didn't cross our minds. This is an interesting incite that gives us a new dimension of digital citizenship.

  2. Oct 2015
    1. This is not a good research site for younger students but it could be useful to teachers. I think it should be updated though because as far as I can tell, the last post or edit was done in 2009 and in terms of technology, 6 years is a long time and many things could be outdated.

    1. Back-to-School Guide for Students with Dyslexia: Apps and More

      The date and title are the first things I noticed, but where is the author's name and credentials?