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  1. Oct 2015
    1. Printed text is a default form of communication in the developed world.

      I think that this site is pretty credible. The article provides background knowledge about the authors and it clearly states the date that this article was published. The content is fairly easy to read for a student in high school or above. I felt like this site was very purposeful in connecting learning disabilities and technology.

    2. This is not a good research site for younger students but it could be useful to teachers. I think it should be updated though because as far as I can tell, the last post or edit was done in 2009 and in terms of technology, 6 years is a long time and many things could be outdated.

    3. This article and more on similar subjects may be found in the Intel Technology Journal, September 2009 Edition, "Enabling Healthcare in the Home". More information can be found at http://intel.com/technology/itj.

      Reference Author's name Edition Title WebSite

    4. Authors' names are present and contact info is left for each of them. Their credentials are also left. This site seems geared towards educators so there is a chance I will find something useful here. The site was revised in the last 6 months and all links work. I think this is a good resource for everyone.

    5. By Selena Chan,

      The author was really easy to find. She had no spelling error. The author can be easily contacted by an email icon right above the title of the article.

    6. Selena Chan is a Principal Engineer at Intel. She can be contacted at selena.chan@intel.com.

      Author can be trusted because information about her is included, and also includes contact information.

    1. Back-to-School Guide for Students with Dyslexia: Apps and More

      The date and title are the first things I noticed, but where is the author's name and credentials?

    2. Apps are useful for students with disabilities in order to be successful in the classroom.

    3. The synchronized audio and written notes help students to review and fill in gaps of information that they may have missed while trying to quickly record information.

      Help to studying

    4. Thursday, August 29, 2013

      date was easy to find and it was revised more than 6 months ago. Although it is good to note that the last post on the website was within the past month.

    5. I think that all of these apps are very purposeful and structured around helping students with learning disabilities.

    6. Members can choose from over 200,000 downloadable titles including many textbooks


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      What is VOICEtext?

    8. With the school year fast approaching

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