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  1. Nov 2015
    1. digital native

      We tend to confuse terms. Be able to use a computer doesn't mean we are experts. We all have different abilities with technologies just like students have special needs.

    2. represented by the stereotype

      It may influence the way of being with students in classroom only if we camp on those stereotypes

    3. dangerous stereotypes

      Stereotypes are usually based a "general cases" but it is not for everyone. Also, it doesn't concerns everyone.

    1. Ultimately it's not about how many apps we integrate, but about providing our students with the best access and opportunities to contemporary learning resources. As educators, we must prepare our students for their future, not ours.

      I find this very interesting; this is how (as a future teacher) I want to think. Being teacher is first for children and their well-being.

      Like the teacher says; this is not about using many tools but few ones in a way of which students are successful at it.

    2. Find applications that promote and strengthen a variety of skill sets for students, not just one or two

      I think the main difficulty remains this : find something that match for everyone because every child has specific needs, a different way of learn. Also, find an app for a whole class may sometimes be complicated.

    3. it's still vital that we promote and encourage a love of reading across all formats

      This value is interesting because as student, I love read but I wouldn't read a book on a screen. Read is with a book; we turn page after page.

    4. Teaching students how to balance technology usage along with offline socializing and interpersonal skills is essential

      I totally agree with that. Technologies must not be too present in students' schooling. This is important to find a balance.

    5. We have to multitask, connect beyond the workday, and collaborate and connect both locally and globally

      Even if the integration of technologies has made its proofs, it's still true that this is something really which is "time consuming", especially for teachers who try to adapt their class to these new literacies.

    6. technology is already integrated in nearly everything we do and nearly every job our students will encounter

      I think this is important to integrate technologies in schools because in a way or another one students will discover technologies. Also, the point is to educate them to use technologies intelligently : how to improve their skills, the possible dangers for example.

    1. 13 September 2013

      This article has been written in 2013, 2 years ago. Also, we can say technologies had time since 2013 to improve students' skills. More teachers may had the chance to introduce technologies in their classroom too.

      Another important point is that 2 years ago, this new way of learning was already a success for lots of teachers and parents.

    2. how teachers and parents feel about technology in the classroom

      Right after we can see few numbers about teachers and parents feel about it.

    3. increase their creativity as well as technical skills

      I think this is interesting because it push students to go further the class' content ; learn something on their own and also develop their Learning Environment.

    1. Also, when introducing new things to the classroom, the most important thing to keep in mind are the students!

      I totally agree with that because it should be in mind of every teacher.

    2. ethics and safety

      Using technologies is a good idea to improve class and students' learning but we can't forget the dangers we can find on Internet.

    3. Education

      At the beginning of the article, we learn in which category this article can be found.

    4. ICT

      ICT stands for "Information and Communication and Technologies" and it is defined as “diverse set of technological tools and resources used to communicate, and to create, disseminate, store, and manage information.” (definition from wikibook)

    5. she’s spent years tweaking and re-purposing technology to create innovative, constructive and fun learning environments for her pupils.

      I found this sentence really interesting, because I think this is the aim for a teacher : enhance class, help students just like it described.

    6. Teaching is refocusing on skills

      I totally agree with that ! Be a teacher is reinventing yourself every year to be in agreement children's needs.

    7. It is important to remember though that there are still students who do not like engaging with technology

      I think the point here is to know why they don't like work with technology : is it inconvenient ? is it too expensive ? The why matters, especially because schools are going toward a classroom with more technologies and it is important that every student feels comfortable with it.

    8. they are able to make with the outside world

      This is an important point. Using technologies at school is not "just for fun". It push students to go further : make connections, learn more, find more information.

    9. enhance learning

      I think it should be what really matters. Be teacher is for kids, not for ourselves. We have to be present and helpful for them, to help our students.

      It should not be a question of time.

    10. it should complement and grow your practice

      The way of teaching can't be different from a day to another one. It has already evolve. Teachers need time to adapt their class with technologies pratices.

    11. then they usually get excited about it

      Also, the all point point would be to iniate teachers to different technologies, not only one.

    12. ‘another thing to learn’

      I think something may be a problem is that lots of teachers never learn to teach with technologies but only the traditional way : books and pen. Also, I think it would be judicious for teachers who are not comfortable with technologies a kind of training.

      How could they help children with technologies if they also are struggling with it ?

  2. Oct 2015
    1. This article and more on similar subjects may be found in the Intel Technology Journal, September 2009 Edition, "Enabling Healthcare in the Home". More information can be found at http://intel.com/technology/itj.

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