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  1. Oct 2018
    1. distance: mixing Mackintosh and Winesap apples would result in less amalgamation than the mixing of oranges and grapefruits, and still less than the mixing of oranges and cherries.

      This analogy really brought the overall analogy to life. Would it be analogous to mixing theater with music versus theater with theater with business versus theater with chemistry?

    1. Are you more interested in INSTRUMENTAL or CRITICAL interdisciplinarity? 

      I'm more interested in instrumental interdisciplinary. I'm not looking to change the world, and very much not looking to be a scholar or educator. I'm looking to integrate my knowledge in tackling concepts.

    2. Interdisciplinarity is like mixing paint. You can lay colors side-by-side to create beautiful paintings (multidisciplinarity), or you can mix them together to get totally new colors (interdisciplinarity).

      I read a similar analogy of multidisciplinary being a fruit bowl, while interdisciplinary is a smoothie.

    1. hell is a place where nothing connects with nothing

      Lovely quote. There's no point in having knowledge if you can't connect with others.

    2. First, we must help teach the teachers. Colleges must develop strategies to enable their faculty members, who are steeped in different disciplines, to have opportunities for multidisciplinary work as they continue their own lifelong learning.

      I feel like this is something Plymouth State's integrated clusters embodies. Being able to approach something from two different perspectives is what we at IDS are learning exploring as well.