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  1. May 2020
    1. issue(s)

      This was meant for issue # in the issue tracker, sorry if that wasn't clear

    1. ny input Sumerian text

      Please think of the focus on Ur III administrative texts. Other genres and periods are very different and will likely require specialized strategies to tackle

    2. The final model will provide the detailed information

      What about a translation?

    3. -ta most likely to be verbs

      -ta are most likely ablatives. That's why we use those particles to tag morphology. Checkout the morphology charts.

      For Ur III sumerian, what is most telling about the nature of the word is its placement in the text. Suffixes are rarely present as compared to other genres.

    4. (Most of the sentences are one word as well)

      Sentences are one full text, one line is a phrase.

    1. Analysis of Accounting Corpora

      Your project sounds really exciting !

    2. Resources are more limited for languages which are not Sumerian.

      If the infrastructure is in place and well documented, others could be able to add rules in the future to refine the support for other languages

    3. Improved commodity identification

      I suggest a meeting with Niek Veldhuis at some point.

    4. To-do: What is the meaning of |ASZxDISZ|?

      Those are found in dates, you have an horizontal which is crossed over by the number

    1. output when JS is enabled

      When Js is disabled. There shouldn't be any public essential functionality relying on JS to work, this is not optional.

    2. Objectives

      Would it be possible to list those pages? This is very short and it's not easy to understand what work will be done exactly.

  2. cdli-gh.github.io cdli-gh.github.io
    1. 1.47M sentences

      Since one text is considered a sentence I'm not sure we can count that much. If you are counting lines, you would have to call them phrases to me more exact. But for purposes of translation we have been working as one Sumerian Ur III text = one sentence.

    1. issue(s)

      There are no issues on Gitlab concerning the various objectives? If not, Please open them and add the number with a link

    2. Testing Implementations of Milestone 1.

      Where is Milestone 1 on this page?

    3. Implementation of CKEditor

      If you could please document for others how to implement CKEditor, it would be really useful since I know I will need it for the news and pages, also maybe for highlights.

    4. Move old & archived articles to the new architecture.

      There might be a bit of HTML cleaning involved but you can actually discuss this with @Samarth since he did hit a similar problem with the news entries

    5. Schema Migration

      If any changes are in https://gitlab.com/cdli/framework/-/issues/202, then I will make them before the 1st of June. If they are not in the issue, you can still add them but soon as I want to have a first draft ready by Wednesday.

    6. Display different types of CDLI articles to publictions.

      One index for each journal and a view page for each article type? I wish it was just a little more detailed...

    7. Article upload

      This encompases article add and edit, including other fields than just the file uploaded right? The admin index, add article page and edit article page?

  3. Feb 2017
  4. Oct 2016
  5. sohnyrin.github.io sohnyrin.github.io
    1. Bottéro 1997 La plus vieille religion en Mésopotamie 227-263; Forest 1999 Les pseudo-temples de la Diyala

      La lecture de bottéro sera bientôt disponible à télécharger sur Moodle !