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  1. Nov 2016
    1. . It was a way of both encouraging one another to remain critical and supporting one another through adversity in creative ways.

      I think it's critical to learn about digital literacy because in these dire moments it's important that we use digital tools safely and appropriately instead of using them recklessly.

  2. Oct 2016
    1. Thrivers were significantly more likely to use words such as “trustworthy,” “wise” and “helpful” to describe their future selves, while divers were more likely to use words like “tough,” “man” and “rich.” While thrivers dreamed about contributing to society or helping others, divers were more likely to cite wealth or success in business as their goals.

      We agree with Guo,the goals that individuals set for themselves reveal so much of someone’s personality and traits. The “divers” set materialistic goals that show their desires for physical things. This, in turn, reflects the mentality of “divers”and what they expect to see during college. They also believe that they are unprepared for the transaction into college. Whereas, “thrivers” would set goals to show what they expect to receive from their college experience is the possibility to better themselves. “Thrivers” are hardworking and passionate throughout college. Meanwhile “divers” are lacking self motivation to manage their ability to do well in college.

  3. Sep 2016
    1. Cohesion is becoming as important as conflict.

      This idea of cohesion is critical to understanding social history because in our society we see others as a different however, we are still unified in some way.

    2. also led to a much broader consideration of the differing roles of men and women through the ages.

      It's great seeing the changes of the roles of bot men and women and I believe it's an issue that needs to be in our daily conversations.

    1. In contrast to the industrial era, in which national success rested on physical labor and natural resources, information economies require brains and knowledge.

      A great take on our evolving economy. Our economy relies more on the knowledge based skills whereas employment that only requires physical capital are being shipped overseas to developing countries.

    1. We must, however, be sure that whatever we do instead provides economic security and academic freedom for professors, and recognizes that a good education takes time.

      I love this statement because, like any other talent, intelligence must be developed with both time and effort and does not have a specified value.

  4. Aug 2016
    1. Amidst the discussion of The Scholar Denied on the website “Sociology Job Rumors”, one respondent wrote that they will not bother reading the book because “it’s not relevant to the discipline today.”

      Go did an excellent job to conclude this article by showing how the future of sociology may refuse to accept the evidence provided in The Scholar Denied, which in turn is denying Du Bois had a major impact on the world of sociology.