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  1. Nov 2016
    1. . It was a way of both encouraging one another to remain critical and supporting one another through adversity in creative ways.

      I think it's critical to learn about digital literacy because in these dire moments it's important that we use digital tools safely and appropriately instead of using them recklessly.

    2. nstead of teaching how to use a hashtag and how to tweet and retweet, I give my students meaningful tasks to help their learning.

      Maha explains the difference between digital skills and digital literacy in which she emphasizes the fact that she teaches her students through a digital literacy perspective. Maha does teach how to use hashtags but rather focuses on the content of the task helping her students on how to use different online tools.

  2. Oct 2016
    1. They focused on two kinds of students. The “thrivers” were those who did much better in college than their high school grades would have predicted. The “divers” were those who did much worse.

      This is an interesting quote because it shows how personality and traits of a person actually affects the potential of their effort into college courses. A student's personality plays an important role in how they do in college or academics because whether they are enthusiastic or depressed will show in their study habits as well as test scores. When it comes to academics, many people will think it may come natural rather than utilizing the cognitive skills, which is believed to be a skill that applies. However, cognition is an important asset - there is more that contributes into this criteria of education. Although, what draws the line to being fully considered as a thriver student or a diver student. Can someone(a student)be considered both?