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  1. May 2021
    1. could

      Not sure about the slip into the conditional if it's a recommendation. In my head I have it as: "It is recommended that: 1. The Network [should] take... 7. The Network facilitate..." The "could" I find awkward and a good deal weaker.

    2. Network should take into account the needs and interests of DH practitioners

      What's the relationship between "the Network" and the "DH practitioners"? Who belongs to the Network, who runs it, to whom is it accountable?

    3. ight collaboration protocols

      what does this mean?

    4. they will ensure more efficient development of new projects, data repositories and software

      How will they? What are the steps to ensure this? Who has the authority to direct this?

    5. The Network should conduct advocacy for DH in the United Kingdom and in Ireland, working to raise issues of and propose contextual solutions for sustainability of funding, people, infrastructure, software and data

      Advocacy with whom? HEIs, funders, government? Who, ultimately, is responsible for (DH) infrastructure, software and data? The phrasing of this recommendation emphasizes cooperation and common goals, which, while appropriate for describing DH work, goes against a HEI funding model that puts the onus on novelty and difference.

    6. toward recognition of each group’s contribution and provision of adequate training, career paths and remuneration at every step of the practitioner’s career development

      How will this be achieved? For sure, subject disciplines and individual universities need to do better to acknowledge and reward DH work, but is this Network going to have the clout to influence decision making and accreditation?

    7. Efforts should be made to ensure

      What would that look like? Do you mean quotas? Representation on boards?

    8. Conduct advocacy with whom? Does the Network see itself as a broker between the DH community (however that's defined) and HEIs and/or funders and/or government? Who ultimately builds / is responsible for the infrastructure, software, data, etc.? Individual projects, HEIs, funders...? The way this recommendation is phrased suggests a cooperative (consensual, even) community, yet funding is awarded on the basis of competition in ways that tend to emphasise novelty and difference (rather than, say, reuse or adaption).

  2. Nov 2016