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  1. Sep 2017
    1. Tech is not above us.

      Technology is not above us, but nowadays it can be said that technology does have control over us and over lives.

    2. Let us move from human-centered design to humanity-centered design.

      Even though this transformational goal is very idealistic, it's not very achievable in my opinion. In the real world we are not even close to reaching a 'humanity-centered design' so expecting this to happen in the online world will not begin to happen unless this attitude change happens in the real world.

    1. It was a way of both encouraging one another to remain critical and supporting one another through adversity in creative ways.

      At the time of the Arab Spring it may have been a very effective tool for speaking out but now I personally believe that social networks are constantly watched by governments because I know people who have private posts on facebook who were tracked down and arrested for political posts. Therefore, the reliability of social media as a means of voicing opinions about controversial matters has become highly questionable to me.

    2. It is important for students to recognize that although technology gives us a lot of power, it also restricts us in many ways, and we need to question how the affordances of technology modify our communication and our behavior.

      We are blinded in seeing the downsides to using technology since it has become an essential part of our lives and not questioning the risks of what can go wrong e.g. hacking etc. can lead to serious problems because people don't think twice about what they say or post online and how troublesome it can be if it falls in the wrong hands.

    3. Digital skills focus on what and how. Digital literacy focuses on why, when, who, and for whom.

      The for whom part made me realize that most people our age who's daily lives are dependent on technology are not very digitally literate even though we may be highly skilled. This is because the majority of us don't really think about how posting things on the internet are accessible by everyone and sometimes it can be really hard to limit the audience.