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  1. Aug 2019
    1. anti-poor rhetoric

      Do the "poor" see themselves as poor or the shrinking middle class? Perception is critical to understanding the choices that were made.

    2. We write as people

      What adversity or inequality have these authors experienced. They speak in a way to align with the marginalized groups but provide not context to their own true understanding.

    3. anti-earth

      The drilling companies are happy to have this type of Administration. It's detrimental to the future.

    4. campaign founded on hate and bigotry

      The upcoming 2020 election is no different. News outlets now count how many times a misrepresentation or direct lie is spoken by Trump. GOP is afraid to stand up to him and do what is right for the country. History repeats itself from Lincoln to Johnson.

  2. Jun 2018
    1. http://inte5340.cu.studio (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

      This is my blog URL: https://fcpayan.wixsite.com/portfolio/blog

      So all I do is tag it with #inte5340 and that will be it? Does it work with the Wix website?

    2. @inte5340 (Links to an external site.)

      I started following this handle name. "thinking about a shared class blog that auto-tweets/shares our work" is this going to go in to effect? I am interested in how it works.