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  1. Jan 2022
    1. Notes should emerge automatically whenever and *wherever* they are most relevant.

      Sounds like augmented reality. The challenge is that "some thing" needs to always monitor what I am doing so that it knows when to trigger display, or tone, of said note. There have been apps that try to do this, like to-do apps that send notification when I get to a specific location, but have suffered from not being accurate.

  2. Nov 2021
    1. A fluorescence of note taking tools

      What is missing in this train of thought is search. The real challenge is recalling of information easily, whether that is traditional search or something more AI-ish that can uncover connections between items that I don't see myself. What I want is a tool that can search across all my repositories, and that requires either APIs for communication or standard data storage formats. I prefer APis.

  3. Oct 2019
    1. If you have assessed your WAN as ready for VDI, then create utilization baselines a month or two before your full VDI deployment.

      Create a WAN utilization baseline

    1. However, its ability to help reduce other competing traffic would improve the performance of applications outside of the VDI environment and reduce total bandwidth consumption.

      Use WAN optimization to compress non VDI traffic and in theory free up bandwidth for VDI.

    1. What I want to suggest to you is that, in some improbable way, this page is as much of an heir to the structure of a commonplace book as the most avant-garde textual collage.

      Referring to Google search results.

    1. The notion that we have in 2019 that the device is the center of the computing experience is “just nonsense,” Nadella continues. The future is cloud-powered, if anything.

      Adoption of the Chrome OS view of the world. Cloud first, mobile second?

    1. Now, if you install Win 10 on a PC while connected to the Internet you will not see an option to create a local account. Microsoft is pushing users toward online (Live/Hotmail) accounts.

    1. Nature versus nurture. Scholars are now saying nature has a limited role in forming the mind.