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  1. Dec 2020
    1. For anticommunists, the notion that families could incubate radical politics rather than buffer against them belonged to the world of horror movies

      excellent pointing out the hypocrisies of anti-communism

  2. Aug 2020
    1. is a student



  3. May 2020
    1. You didn't know your mind could be a boon and a prison both; that someone could take its power and turn it against you

      "the mind could be a boon and a prison both" -- the word "boon" here means "gift" or "bounty." The quote is saying that the mind can be a wonderful opportunity or it can be terrible trap. It is both of these things.

      This is a powerful statement on how the narrative can both display and obscure the effects of abuse. On the one hand, the narrative constructs the story to emphasize how trauma requires us to restructure events and find creative outlets for expressing things that are too painful for words. On the other hand, our tools for constructing narrative can keep us from confronting that thing which is truly painful, which is keeping us down.

  4. Apr 2020
  5. Mar 2020
    1. ou, Yunior, have a girlfriend named Alma, who has a long tender horse neck and a big Dominican ass that seems to exist in a fourth dimension beyond jeans.

      This is an excellent description. Is it a simile?

  6. Oct 2019
    1. d if literature isnot the Bride and Bedfellow of Truth, what is she?

      Personification --- literature and truth go hand and hand. They are supposed to be creative, generative.

    2. sky islike the veils which a thousand Madonnas have let fallfrom their hair;and the grass fleets and darkens like a flight of girls fleeing theembraces of hairy satyrs from enchanted woods. '

      Simile --- using figurative language to describe sky and grass.

      Using female imagery to describe the world around him.

    3. he would try tothink for half an hour,--or was it two years and a half?

      Connecting the passage of time to Orlando's other issues.

      Also the biographer is messing with how we perceive time.

    4. Orlando, by Virginia Woolfpp. 74-75Annotation Paper Preparation1.What is happening in this passage? Explain the context.2.With your partners/groups, brainstorm one potential theme

      Theme of fulfillment, his depression causes him to question everything, including the power of language to represent things.

    5. What is happening in this passage? E

      Here, orlando is debating the difference between straightforward / plain and figurative language. He comes to the conclusion that neither is more true than the other, and he becomes discouraged.

    1. w the reseller bri

      This is an article~

    1. beauty franchised

      how do you interpret the owner of beauty here?

    2. For in noon's chastity profound, In the blank glare of mid-day skies, Love's flambeau dies.

      At noon, sexual desire dies out.

    3. burning air And with repletion

      more imagery of fullness/satisfaction, and also of light/burning.

    4. Sprawls satisfied

      imagery of death, sleep, satisfaction.

    5. languor


  7. Sep 2019
    1. presenting the voice of critical


    2. , youth" (III. ii. 444). As a couple, then, Orlando and Rosalind represent a coincidence of opposites, but the coinci- dence is made doubly paradoxical by the fact that the two lovers often switch traditional sexual characteristics.


    3. ealism about love. Celia says, "You have simply misused our sex in your love-prate" (IV. i. 205-6). As this remark shows, women had been traditionally associated with the "heart" or emotions, men with the "head" or intellect. In As You Like It, however, it is Rosalind who intelligently and realistically speaks from the head, as when she tells Phebe, "Sell when you can: you are not for all markets" (111. iv. 60). And it is Orlando, the man, who speaks from the heart, responding to Ganymede's realism with "I would not be cure

      evidence interweaved with analysis.

  8. Feb 2019
  9. engl22001.commons.gc.cuny.edu engl22001.commons.gc.cuny.edu
    1. I am ready to distrust mine eyesAnd wrangle with my reason

      Metonymy -- "eyes" for physical senses. personification -- "wrangle with reason", gives reason human qualities. Emphasizes the conflict that S is in, that he has to fight his own reason.

    2. flood of fortune

      Hyperbole --- "flood" is an exaggeration. Emphasizes the wonder he finds himself in.

    3. my soul disputes well with my sense

      Metonymy -- "soul" stands for reason.

    4. tis wonder that enwraps me thus,Yet ’tis not madness.

      Personification---wonder is "wrapping him", like hugging him. Emphasizes how much it overtakes him or consumes him. But in a safe way.

    5. This is the air; that is the glorious sun.This pearl she gave me, I do feel ’t and see ’t

      Imagery --- sensual, emphasizing the physical senses. Shows us the extent of his shock, that he needs to check in with the physical world.

    6. Rough and unhospitabl

      This imagery describes the city as wild and dangerous to newcomers, makes it seem more like a dangerous countryside than an urban setting, emphasizing wildness. Reinforces Antonio's need to protect Sebastian here.

    7. My desire,More sharp than filèd steel, did spur me forth

      Antonio compares his desire to sharp steel---metaphor (or simile). This shows how intense his desire is, also suggests that it has violent or combative qualities.

  10. Oct 2018
    1. Instead of speed, we value the transformative power of slow thinking and writing. Instead of inished, consumable products, we value the process of discovery.

      this is a false equivalence between slowness and transformation/discovery, and speed and production. In fact, speed facilitates discovery.

  11. Sep 2018
    1. The old questions of the traditional analysis (What link should be made between disparate events? How can a causal succession be established between them? What continuity or overall significance do they possess? Is it possible to define a totality, or must one be content with reconstituting connexions?) are now being replaced by questions of another type: which strata should be isolated from others? What types of series should be established? What criteria of periodization should be adopted for each of them? What system of relations (hierarchy, dominance, stratification, univocal determination, circular causality) may be established between them? What series of series may be established? And in what large-scale chronological table may distinct series of events be determined?

      I think he is detailing here the move toward structuralism.... finding structures (series) between things.


    1. the transatlantic15%{That is important but}%16telegraph cable is laid-- ^ & they instantly 17proceed to inform me how the news was received18in every larger town in the U.S.

      irony that his comment on the absurdity of the mass media concerns news about the transatlantic cable.... which is what makes the dissemination of information---to this day---possible.

    2. You say that you have traveled far &28wide-- How many men have you seen29that did not belong to any sect or party30or clique-- Did you go further than31letters of introduction would avail?

      it seems that he is accusing himself here, saying he hasn't gone far enough

    3. Asclepias tuberosa

    4. The editors of newspapers--the20popular clergy--politicians & orators21& office holders22of the day ^ --though they may be thought23to be of very different politics & religion24are essentially one & homogeneous--in as25much as they are only the various ingre-26dients of the froth which ever floats on27the surface of society

      social criticism. he doesn't like the groups at the top. occasioned by the thought of goldfinches flying in pairs.

    5. How many aspects the river wears--depending7on the wind height of the water--the season8of the year & state of vegetation--the wind--9the position of the sun--& condition of10the heavens &c &c!

      personifying the river---in thrall by the variations it presents to the eye.

      he's a voyeur, really.

    6. Eriophorum vaginatum

    7. black willow

    8. marsh hawk

    9. The wild5fruits of the earth disappear before civilization--6or are only to be found in large markets

      he's very concerned with the effect of civilization depleting the wilderness... in what we eat.

    10. We too are harvesting an annual20crop with our eyes--& think you nature is not21glad to display her beauty to us?

      interesting --- he's addressing someone, the reader? --- and he describes vision as a harvest.

    11. Huckleberries

      Image result for huckleberries

    12. purple utricularia

      Image result for purple utricularia

    13. A. macrophyllus

      Image result for A. macrophyllus

    14. hornwort

      Image result for hornwort

    15. How satis-20factory is the fragrance of this flower--21It is the emblem of purity-- It reminds22me of a young country maiden-- It is23just so simple & unproved-- Wholesome24as the odor of the cow.

      interesting similitude between the smell of a flower, maiden, and cow.

    16. gratiola

      Image result for gratiola

    17. Pontederia

      Image result for Pontederia

    18. In the Chinese novel “Iu-Kiao-Li7or The 2 Fair Cousins”37--I find in a mottoe8to a chapter--(quoted)--“He who aims at one-9ness, should be continually on his guard against10a thousand accidents. How many preparations11are necessary before the sour plum begins to sweeten?12-- -- -- -- -- But if supreme happiness was to be13attained in the space of an hour, of what use14would be in life the noblest sentiments?” p22715Also these verses on p 23016“Nourished by the study of ten thousand different works,17The pen in hand, one is equal to the gods.18Let not humility take its rank amongst the virtues s:19Genius never yields the palm that belongs to it.”20Again p 92 vol 2d--21“If the spring did not announce its reign by the22return of the leaves,23The moss, with its greenish tints, would find favor in24men’s eyes.”

      seemingly anomalous excerpts from books he's reading.

    19. Bluets

      Image result for bluets

    20. Cassiope hypnoides

      Image result for Cassiope hypnoides

    21. Vac. Oxycoccus

      Image result for Vac. Oxycoccus

    22. After the sun set to us the base summits--12were of a delicate rosaceous color--passing through13violet or to the deep dark blue or purple of14the night which already circled their lower parts--15For this night shadow was wonderfully blue16reminding me of the blue shadows on snow--17There was an after-glow in which these tints &18variations were repeated. It was the grandest19mt view I ever got-- In the mean while20white clouds were gathering again about the21 about22summits--first of the highest--appearing to23form there--but sometimes to send off an emissary24to imitate a cloud upon a lower neighboring25peak-- You could tell little about the com-26parative distance of a cloud & a peak--till you27saw that the former actually impinged on the latter

      nice description of the change and color of light in the sunset on the mountains.

    23. Cornus Canadensis

      Image result for cornus canadensis

    24. oxalis acetosella

      Image result for oxalis acetosella

    25. Arctostaphylos alpina

      Image result for arctostaphylos alpina

    26. Castilleja {septentrionalis}

      Image result for Castilleja {septentrionalis

    27. 1At Camp in Tuckerman’s Ravine1 Friday July 9th 1858--2Walked to the Hermit Lake some340 rods NE. Listera cordata abundant4& in prime in the woods--with a little5Platanthera obtusata

      Image result for Platanthera obtusata

    28. Rhododendron Lapponicum

      Image result for rhododendron lapponicum

    29. Returning I sprained my ankle in jumping2down the brook--so that I could not sleep3that night nor walk the next day

      lack of concern for his own physical being, while overly concerned with the world around him.

  12. Apr 2018
    1. Infactitwasteno'clockinthemorning

      the striking of the clock shows that time is passing very quickly in order to catch up to the present moment. There's a speeding up of time.

    2. Itwas1928.

      sentence structure here get shorter and shorter, the structure mirrors the way that time hits orlando, and the shortness reflects the quick, present passage of time.

    3. Itwasthepresentmoment

      Contradiction --- using past tense to talk about the present.

    4. violentlystruck

      imagery of violence, shock --- the present is scary or brutal.

    5. thelightwentonbecomingbrighterandbrighter,andshesaweverythingmoreandmoreclearlyandtheclocktickedlouderandlouder

      Imagery of black/light and of violent sound means that the past has to die, before the present can begin. Everything until now has been just a prelude, just memory, now we are in the real story.

    6. wesurvivetheshockatallisonlypossiblebecausethepastsheltersusononesideandthefutureonanother

      We need the past and the future in order to handle being in the present; the present is overwhelming.

    7. Forwhatmoreterrifyingrevelationcantherebethanthatitisthepresentmoment?

      The present is terrifying. It seems like Orlando was having a panic attack. Being in present is scary.

    8. Orlando

      In this passage, Orlando is driving home, the clock strikes, and the narration suddenly reaches the present. The narrator quickly glosses over this fact, and says we need to keep up with Orlando.

    1. But

      --- Annotating for Jonathan ---

      I find this quote very interesting for several reasons. The narrator put an expectation on woman. She says how since Orlando is a woman, it is right that she is not taking part in any action. Love should be a woman’s reason for being created. Here, we see how the narrator is demeaning woman by describing them as people who weren’t built for action but instead for just showing affection. Although, for all we know Orlando could be thinking of a good looking guy since as long as a woman is thinking of a man, no one can object her when she’s using her brain.

    1. thespaceisfilledtorepletion
      • makes fun of biographers who uses facts, because there is a lack of facts.
      • the reader has to play part of the biographer, filling in the gaps (this time, of language).
      • theme of literature, some things cannot be written down, because they are feelings, they are too abstract, and cannot be described. Failure of language.
      • indicates the shift in scene/time, pacing the narration.
    2. hencethemostordinaryconversationisoftenthemostpoetic,andthemostpoeticispreciselythatwhichcannotbewrittendown


      • poetry can be interpreted in multiple ways, according to perspective. So what seems insignificant from the outside is actually fascinating from the inside.
      • more about the meaning of words rather than the amount.
      • when two people are really close, their conversation is in sync in ways that it cannot be with strangers.

      why can't this poetry be written?

      • poetry only exists in the moment that it occurs, it can't be recorded.
      • there's too many truths to account for, and poetry would limit this to one perspective of truth.
    3. spiritoftheage

      personified as a spirit and voice, represents the social pressure to conform, which is to marry.

    4. damp

      symbolizes -

      • something growing, increasing.
      • a feeling of fear.
      • pressure to conform
      • internal conflict
    5. Love,birth,anddeathwereallswaddledinavarietyoffinephrases.Thesexesdrewfurtherandfurtherapart

      Difficult subjects were discussed in polite and fake terms, to make them more comfortable.

    1. modeling (the expert shows the apprentice how to do something), scaffolding (the expert divides up the task in manageable parts and gives the apprentice the support to complete it), fading (the expect gradually fades away from the process and lets the apprentice do more) and coaching (all throughout the process, the expert coaches the apprentice).

      Very good summary of Bass's model. I wonder how more developed tools (like Lacuna Stories) balances student agency against modelling/guidance.

    2. This means that instead of using coping mechanisms, various “a-critical techniques” (42) that students develop during their schooling, students are taught to address puzzling elements and confront that what they do not know

      This reminds me what what Jerome McGann says about "quantum poetics" in his book, Radiant Textuality. Basically, that there are an almost infinite number of ways of proceeding through a text, and digital tools help to bring out and reveal the multiple pathways.

  13. Mar 2018
    1. whytheoaktreefloweredandfadedsooftenbeforehecametoanyconclusionaboutLove

      Imagery that leads to the passage of time as theme.

    2. theskyisliketheveilswhichathousandMadonnashaveletfallfromtheirhair;andthegrassfleetsanddarkenslikeaflightofgirlsfleeingtheembracesofhairysatyrsfromenchantedwoods

      Simile, comparing the sky to veils falling, and the grass to women running. Orlando doesn't seem to think this is more true than saying the grass is green or the sky is blue.

    3. literatureisnottheBrideandBedfellowofTruth

      Literature is being personified as a companion to Truth. Literature and Truth share a bed. Literature and truth are associated with each other, they go hand in hand.

    4. theausterespiritofpoetry

      Personifying poetry as austere---strict. Poetry is portrayed as strict, having a lot of rules. Saying that poetry has to be interpreted in one set way.

    5. andthenhewouldtrytothinkforhalfanhour,--orwasittwoyearsandahalf?

      How is time passing in this scene? Drawing attention to the nature of time, and how time works in the passage.

    6. fornodragon-fly

      Orlando was thinking about a dragonfly at the bottom of the sea as a metaphor for understanding Love.

  14. Feb 2018
  15. engl22049.commons.gc.cuny.edu engl22049.commons.gc.cuny.edu
    1. fancy

      This is a pun on the word "fancy", which here means both desire (I "fancy" you) and imagination (fanciful, fantastical). The pun suggests that desire and imagination have a lot in common.

    2. Receiveth as the sea

      This is a simile, explaining how the spirit of Love is so big that it takes in as much as the sea does, without much to show for it. Like a drop of water in the ocean, it keeps taking in, but you cannot tell the change in size. It devours.

      This suggests the consuming nature of love.

    3. so sweet

      Imagery that once again emphasizes the sensual aspects of music, here the music tastes "sweet". Overall, this adds to the importance of the senses and physical pleasure that Orsino gets out of desire.

    4. like the sweet soundThat breathes upon a bank of violets

      This is a simile (it uses "like") that compares the music to a fragrant breeze. It suggests that music is very sensual, physical, because you can not only hear it but also feel it and smell it.

    5. Rough and unhospitabl

      personifying the land as challenging, difficult.

      "imagery" has connotations of conquest, or exploration.

    6. My desire,More sharp than filèd steel

      Metaphor comparing desire to a sharp sword. connotations of pain, (painful desire) connotations of defense, fighting, violence in general (intense and violent desire) connotations of power (overpowering desire)

    7. I

      "I" could refer to woman.

    8. I am not what I a

      Double meaning, that viola is pretending to be cesario, and that the actor is a male.

  16. Jan 2018
    1. If music be the food of love

      complex comparison--saying that music is food for love means that music nourishes love.

  17. Jan 2017
    1. his is the key to success, proven

      to make this sentence sound more direct and effective, I would revise:

      "This key to success is proven by long-term relationships...."

    2. the clients as a reliable partner

      "Partner" should be plural here --- "clients as reliable partners"

    3. -

      don't need the hyphen here, it's not a compound. "Daily" is just an adjective, modifying "basis."

    4. 9


    5. add more value for our clients

      this phrase is vague --- it seems like you mean either "adding value to products" or "enriching our clients".

    6. can

      unnecessary, delete.

    7. ,


    8. 9

      generally, any number less than 10 should be written out. For example, "nine" instead of "9."