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  1. Jan 2017
    1. Enter three Witches

      We know that the current King of England (James I) was really strongly against witches and often started witch hunts. Is this a jab at the king?

  2. Oct 2016
  3. Sep 2016
    1. hall-thane’s


    2. Wielder-of-Wonder. — Woe for that man


    3. sovran of Scyldings, sorrows in plenty,

      Metonymy and Alliteration

      (This is Metonymy because Scyldings was just one person in the whole group of the Danes, but his name is being used to represent the whole group)

  4. Aug 2016
    1. Which sentence BEST summarizes how Rio de Janeiro has been characterized by TV coverage of the Olympic games?

    2. Read the following two paragraphs from the beginning of the article. This favela of concrete homes and corrugated roofs, with a trash-filled canal running through the middle and gang graffiti tagging its walls, hasn't shed its reputation. But with the 24-year-old judo master's win, Roberto said, "you forget about your own suffering a little bit." "For this community, her victory means everything," said Tony Barros, a photographer and community organizer in City of God. "What other legacy will we get from the Olympics?" How do the two paragraphs reflect a CENTRAL idea of the article?