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  1. Sep 2015
    1. If one had only the evidence of these novels to go by, one might well conclude that metaphor formed the basis of every indigenous thought pattern

      This makes me go back to the Native American text I read and think about its translation. Does it do a disservice to the text itself?

    2. non-literate people

      I know I'm driving this point into the ground. But there are so many different types of literacies. To say "non-literate people" and then talk about their oral stories in the same breath is pretty ridiculous.

    3. superficially insignifican

      Slightly arrogant way to look at this story but ok

    4. It would be expected to have different meanings to the various categories of listeners; it might be described as instructive, as entertaining, as re-enforcing, or as all three

      This made me think immediately of reader response theory.

    5. Hence the term "American Indian Literature" is largely ambiguous and begs more questions than it answers

      Ok. I understand. The author says that the argument for "Indian Literature" doesn't make sense because it simplifies the people and cultures that fall under that category. The author is redeemed a little in my eyes.

    6. hus was born in the myopic minds of a few culturally traumatized and geographically disoriented individuals a new ethnic group. It remained only to convince the members of the several

      So... it is very interesting that the paper makes this point and then says that Native Americans don't really have a literature... Am I reading this wrong?

    7. If there had ever been a North American language called "Indian," the mode of communication within a society called "Indian," then there would undoubtedly be something appropriately labeled "Indian literature.

      I don't know how much I agree with this opinion/ observation. Why can't we group literature by the people/ area rather than a language. We can say "Indian" (as in the country) literature despite there not being an Indian language... we say "African" literature despite Africa being a continent and there certainly not being a language of "Africa."

    1. He-dwells-in-caves

      Christian devil/ influence

    2. His-word-is-master

      Christian god/ influence

    3. Now, of course, truly it did thus come to pass.

      Interesting that these Ancient beings seem to sometimes have absolute power and other times, things seem to just happen. They are also imperfect, angry, and unkind to other Ancient beings.

    4. ye females, shall be affected thus habitually every month.

      The invention of periods.

    5. catamenial

      of or relating to menstruation

    6. otgon

      What does this mean?

    7. So, verily, now, he, the youth, said: "I desire that there shall be a hollow here [in the ground], and that it shall be full of oil."

      His is customizing the animals. Their looks, how to help humans.

    8. Let it stand here; that is the elk, which this thing shall be called. Here also let another stand, one that is Just a little smaller, which shall be called a deer. Now also another thing, let it stand here, and that

      Naming the animals. Adam and Eve-esque. Now I'm wondering if these similarities are christian influences OR are they similarities in most religions. We often look at things with a European perspective but it's possible that these aspects of creation are similar in most cultures.

    9. [paragraph continues]

      One could certainly talk about the style of story telling here. It is very different from "traditional" "European" "Western" "standard" etc etc way of telling a story. There is no progression with transitions. There is no beginning middle end. Instead it is a constant stream with little introduction to actions. Very action oriented.

    10. two [males] were in the lead throughout the entire distance covered


    11. man-being abode

      Wind= a person

    12. Wind is thy father. Whatever, moreover, is the direction from which the wind is customarily blowing, there, truly, is the place where the lodge of thy father stands

      Definition of an absent father

    13. when she became aware that the Wind continued to enter her body, it was delightful.

      Sexual connotation?

    14. a god

      The ancients= gods

    15. They-are-pursuing-the-bear they will be called." So now, next in order, she said another thing: "There will be a large star in existence, and it will rise customarily just before it becomes day, and it will be called, 'It-brings-the-day.'" Now, again she pointed, and again she said: "That cluster of stars yonder will be called 'the Group Visible.'

      And this is where the cosmology comes in. Astronomy/ native americans/ constellations/ telling time/ making calendars

    16. she said

      She is speaking and the earth is doing her bidding. Again, remind me of the christian creation story

    17. woman-being stood up and said:

      At first we saw a very patriarchal story. Now we have a woman creating the earth.

    18. verily

      This may be a long-shot but is the use of "verily" a biblical thing? Sign of christian influence?

    19. Black Bass said: "I, perhaps, could do it." They, the man-beings, said: "Not the least, perhaps, art thou able to do it, seeing that thou hast no sense [reason]." The Pickerel next in turn said: "I, perhaps, could do it." Then the man-beings said: "And again we say, thou canst not do even a little, because thy throat is too long [thou art a glutton]." So now Turtle

      Connection with animals and nature.

    20. divine his Word

      divine as a verb: to discover/ understand

      Word- european/ christian contact?

    21. chief said to his spouse


    22. green

      green- life? newness?

    23. forming an opening through the sky earth

      So these beings live in the sky, the earth is their sky? Are they celestial beings?

      Symbolism in this "uprooting"? Symbolism in the tree?

    24. the excrement

      How odd... meaning in this context?

    25. judging from the circumstances

      seems to be mitigating language. "judging from the circumstances" "it seems" "so it is said" indicates oral nature

    26. severally

      ? indicates a large amount?

    27. man-beings dwelling o

      man-beings. gods? masculine focus

    28. the Ancient

      Elder? God?

    29. on the other side of the sky

      Captivating way to say heaven?