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  1. Jul 2020
    1. her

      it is a pronoun that refer Annie Haigler .

    2. On summer days like this, when highs reach into the 90s, the lack of trees in her neighborhood is hard for Haigler to ignore.

      the tones is feeling nervous .

    3. "Make no mistake, we are losing trees all around the U.S., and cities are struggling to keep up with restoring and establishing a healthy, thriving tree canopy," says Dan Lambe, president of the Arbor Day Foundation.

      the message for this is losing trees.

    4. "If you live in an area in cities that is seeing more extreme heat days, but you don't have tree cover to cool down your neighborhood, that can literally be a life or death issue," says Daley.

      the audience are people.

    5. And

      shows addition. It shows the important effects of tree .

    6. But

      it shows contrast. it show the differences of her feeling how she love to sit out side while the heat can be unbearable for her.

    7. She enjoys sitting on her porch, especially to watch the sunrise

      This is my best thing that I do every morning when i waked up I sat on my porch and drink my coffee this is an amazing feeling for relaxation.

    8. She

      refer to Annie Haigler