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  1. Oct 2020
    1. If such a life develops in a placetorn by violent conflict and dislodged social and politicalrelations, the image of someone being born and bred in onecommunity with one language as his “own” is hardly usefu

      This sentence is explaining the troubles many asylum seekers face living in a place that is not safe for them. These people who are just innocent bystanders are caught in the middle of a conflict between parts of their social and political relations that they have no control over. The term "dislodge" means to knock or force out of position. Individuals are in a place that is so dysfunctional that causes individuals language to change. Josephs case questions whether or not he was a real refugee and the terms normal would not represent Joseph because nothing about living in a chaotic world is normal.

    1. nuanced

      The definition I found on the word "nuanced" means subtle distinction. This term is being used as a way to display how Obama's black supporters saw his speeches as how a Black Preacher would do it. Yet, it was only distinctively and only so noticeable but still visual in a subtle way.