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  1. Mar 2015
    1. While many have written on this topic (and I wrote a book on it), few have shown the implications of overpersonalization as well as Gilad Lotan did in this recent analysis of media consumption in Israel and Palestine, where he describes the view participants in the current Gaza war have of the conflict as “personalized propaganda.”

      Not original, but it bears repeating. It reminds me of Walter Lippmann's argument of yore that the 20thC world has gotten too complex and interconnected for a given citizen to comprehend it. So he wants there to be a technocratic elite that digests the world for the rest of us. Zuckerman points out how the 21stC is doubling down on the fragmentation, instead, creating strange individualized filters to create a (false) sense of order that is idiosyncratic to each consumer of media.

    2. At the end of the day, the business model that got us funded was advertising.

      I'm resisting the "original sin" motif here. It seems to me that the original sin here occurred in the l.19thC with the rise of ad-supported "quality" magazines. By the time LIFE rolls out in 1937 for a nickel, the tradition of selling media in vast quantities at a loss to recoup it via ad dollars is very deeply entrenched. Sure, the surveillance thing is new, or at least more intensive, but Gallup worked for media companies in the 20s and 30s to mine data from subscribers, as well...