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  1. Jul 2019
    1. Open Educational Resources (OER) Policy

      It`s good to have the name here, but it would be even better to have the Institution here, so that user can see faster, where this policy comes from.

  2. May 2019
    1. bccampus.ca...

      This link is dead.

    2. From 2003-2011 $10 million was granted

      This looks like as it is closed by now.

    3. Current

      In the text it says that it ran from 2003 till 2011. Should`nt it be closed?

    4. Institutional

      and annotate this...

    5. Policy type

      I can link here...

    6. Published by 

      Field does not allow to link to organisations!


    7. Published by 

      Has to be linked to TH Hamburg, as soon as bug is fixed.

    8. openTUHH - Policy für Offenheit in Forschung und Lehre

      The policy still has to be linked to its publisher in order to show its pin on the map.


      Currently this is not possible, as soon as https://github.com/hbz/oerworldmap/issues/1816

      is fixed, we can go along!

  3. Aug 2016
    1. Mitarbeiter/innen verlassen die Hochschule und werden berufstätig,

      Manche behaupten ja, auch wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiter seien irgendwie berufstätig....

    2. Der o-der

      Hier hat sich der Fehlerteufel eingeschlichen.

  4. Apr 2016