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  1. Sep 2020
    1. Happiness felt on the inside, whispered and arrested between ventilator breaths, accompanied by a face without expression, is difficult to understand because it is hard to hear and impossible to see

      I can appreciate how the author provides insight to an internal struggle that many of us overlook and take for granted.

    2. Precise word choice is easily overshadowed by eye contact or lack thereof

      if you're not properly and fully engaging in conversation with others, they're not inclined to listen to what you're saying. People respond to your movements and how you interact with them. If you don't display the interest in them and show that you believe in what you're trying to say, they'll stop making an effort to understand.

    3. Speaking is the most commonly used method of expression, and when it is not viable interacting with others becomes difficult.

      Communication is made easiest by face to face interaction and speech because its easier to pervay expressive tones, facial expressions, and use body language which are all essential to effective conversation