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  1. Oct 2020
    1. .

      need additional content block FAQs:


      link out to a new FAQ page with just that one licensure item satisfies NC-SARA and Middle States requirements.

      NC SARA Contacts)

    1. Frequently Asked Questions (Online Learning)

      Can we copy this page for later use?

      Pull some of the pieces out to use in a content block on the Online Learning Page....

    2. Students may use computers in the campus computer labs or use their home computers with Internet access to complete online course activities

      Call Sung or Mike to confirm:

      Are labs available?

      Offer information about Student Loaner Computers? Hot spots?

    3. the amount of class meeting time is half that of the traditional onsite version of the course. 

      During COVID, refer to the student planning in MyHCC to see the requirements for the particular class you need.

    4. Will I have to come to campus to take tests or attend classes?

      delete this item

    5. What technical or computer skills do I need to take an online course?

      refer to the Online Orientation

    6. Students need Windows 98 or above and a PC or Macintosh with at least a 56k modem, an Internet service provider, and a web browser

      find the more recent version of this. is it on the COVID page?

    7. How are eLearning courses different from regular on-campus courses?

      is this item ok to leave?

    8. What types of eLearning courses are available at HCC?

      delete this faq

    1. Are there any rehearsal or set up dates on campus? Yes No Please enter any rehearsal or set up dates here

      add verbiage here from Chuck about facilities concerns

    2. Which venue on campus will be used, and have you confirmed availability?

      trigger question for anyone coming to campus

      remove have you confirmed availability.... leave question below.

      if no - provide a link to the portal page for contact info

    3. Does this event require streaming?

      trigger question if yes,

      Live Recorded

    4. Do you plan to invite the general public to this event or post the recording publicly?

      remove the inviting the general public piece and include "Do you plan to post the recording publicly?"

    5. Are there any ticket or registration requirements?

      is it a free event - is it ticketed? put in instructions

    6. Provide the names of the students involved.

      change to "how many students involved"

    7. Who will be directly involved with the event (excluding attendees)?

      remove "artists" and add external participants

    8. What is the nature of the event?

      add this description.... "what is the format of the event" - i.e. theater, lecture, panel, concent

      make space bigger for the description

    9. Facebook Live Vimeo

      this will trigger contact these people for info

    10. If being filmed, will the event be filmed on campus?

      check with PJ (Chiaravelle) to see if any more info needs to go here...

    11. f

      advise applicant of the supported streaming options i.e. facebook live, etc live or recording

    12. General Public

      add PRM note here as well

  2. Sep 2020
    1. Explain the impact *

      delete this piece

    2. What is the impact to HCC if the event is not approved? *

      eliminate this question

    3. What is the benefit to the college?

      delete this question.

    4. How does this align with the college's mission?

      delete this question (should be included in the description and purpose of the event)

    5. IT PRM

    6. Event Requirements | will additional assignment forms be needed for additional employees for this event? put it under that...

      please outline and provide additional resources may include

      check boxes additional staff other PRM IT (any hardware or software you do not currently have access to) Facilities DSS Additional Assignment/Staff (see Missy's form)

    7. Fundraising: trigger email to send to Missy

    8. put benefit of the event on the event details page,

      fundraising questions can go to the requirements page

      change to Funds Raised Goal or something

    9. impact to HCC is not approved -

    10. Combine college mission and benefit to the college questions about core work....

      Should it be tied to core work? strategic plan?

      Is this overreaching the scope of the committee? open field

    11. add a question about supervisor approval - see Missy's form

    12. Which venue... make a blank field for them to enter the location

      Rehearsal dates - add a place for dates

    13. will any HCC services be used off campus?

      Change "being filmed question - doesn't need "on campus"

      Will any participants or organizers of the event be required to come to campus or travel to other off-campus locations? (If yes, explain.)

    14. additional question:<br> maybe under PR - do you need the TV studio

    15. venue: culinary area

      maybe change to text box

    16. Any one need to come to the campus for any part of the event? For what purpose

    17. refer to Scott Sewell on the streaming question...

    18. involved in the event? add "other"

      intended audience?

    19. Add blurb about zoom features

    20. ticket or registration requirements - (rsvp?)

      ask Janelle about this

      What is the cost of the event - make this check boxes

      Additional purchases? (ask Linda W)

    21. Do you have approval from your VP...

      Add Fundraising event.... go talk to the Foundation. (Missy) Have you talked with Director of Development- Missy....

    22. additional resources to make the event accessible? i.e. closed captioning, Interpreter Do you need any of the follow types of support Disability Services? What are the requirements for the college? Clarify with Cristina

      Follow the same format for the other requirements?

    23. Nature of the event? when we get the lists from the different areas we can add the common themes i.e. concert

    24. Event Contact Add functional area / VPAA VPSS VPIT VPAF PRES

  3. Mar 2020