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  1. Apr 2021
    1. A Game-design MasterpieceTake one simple game mechanic, and make the absolute most of it – that's exactly what the developers of Jim is Moving Out did, and it worked really well! The core of this game is stunningly simple: a few little boxes (furniture) inside a big box (Jim's house), one or two flying fellas (the players) and a physics engine. Think about the most creative ways you could make this into a game. Anything you think about, this game did it. What if you had to squeeze through narrow holes without breaking too much furniture? It's in the game. What if the room had wheels? Yep, it's there too. What if one of the walls was missing and you had to avoid losing the furniture? The whole co-op is about this. Zero gravity? Yes, even that is in the game.
  2. Feb 2021
    1. This is failing CI because CI is testing against Rails < 6. I think the appropriate next steps are: Open a separate PR to add Rails 6 to the CI matrix Update this PR to only run CSP-related test code for Rails >= 6.0.0 Can you help with either or both of those?
    1. And honestly, most people prefer the no hassle, especially after wasting too much time dabbling with distros that are "for advanced users" troubleshooting all kinds of dumbass problems that just worked out of the box in many other distros.
    1. I chose 18.04 because it's the latest LTS version, and I'm not keen on updating my OS every year or so. (I like getting things stable and not having to worry for a while)
  3. Jan 2021
    1. Most users frankly don’t care how software is packaged. They don’t understand the difference between deb / rpm / flatpak / snap. They just want a button that installs Spotify so they can listen to their music.
    2. What’s the use of ie. snap libreoffice if it can’t access documents on a samba server in my workplace ? Should I really re-organize years of storage and work in my office for being able to use snap ? A too high price to pay, for the moment.
    3. I - we all - totally agree about the benefits of snap for developers. But the loss of comfort and flexibility for end user is eventually a no-go option.
    4. Users want work be done. Not struggling about how allowing access to removable medias or such a file on another partition… Not breaking their habits or workflows each time a snap replaces a deb.
  4. Nov 2020
  5. Oct 2020
    1. Yes, you can embed loops in it and compose lots of small repeated JSX snippets, but that almost never happens in practice because mixing the turing complete of javascript with the markup of HTML eliminates the readability of JSX so that it is actually harder to parse than a solution like hyperscript (the syntactical approach taken by virtual-dom).
    1. Which venue on campus will be used, and have you confirmed availability?

      trigger question for anyone coming to campus

      remove have you confirmed availability.... leave question below.

      if no - provide a link to the portal page for contact info

    2. Does this event require streaming?

      trigger question if yes,

      Live Recorded

    3. Do you plan to invite the general public to this event or post the recording publicly?

      remove the inviting the general public piece and include "Do you plan to post the recording publicly?"

    4. Are there any ticket or registration requirements?

      is it a free event - is it ticketed? put in instructions

    5. Provide the names of the students involved.

      change to "how many students involved"

    6. Who will be directly involved with the event (excluding attendees)?

      remove "artists" and add external participants

    7. What is the nature of the event?

      add this description.... "what is the format of the event" - i.e. theater, lecture, panel, concent

      make space bigger for the description

  6. May 2020
    1. nderlying truth for all time points

      Not clear where these come from: should it not be +/-0.2 from the above systematic uner/over prediction models? Maybe I am overlooking something

    2. two


    3. relaxes the assumption that patients who were censored are identical to those that remain at risk

      and replaces with the assumption that they are identical/exchangeable conditional on the measured covariates.

    4. .

      insert "...of calibration-in-the-large"

    5. the real-world

      replace "practice"

    6. avoid bias due to a small population size

      you mean in terms of the monte carlo SE?

    7. emulate a perfectly calibrated model

      replace with "emulate a perfectly specified model"...im not sure calibration is the right term here - even a model that is perfectly specified (like this one) could still be miscalibrated if fitted on data of insufficient size? Of course, in this case n is large, so will indeed be calibrated

    8. as


    9. nd etaetaeta par

      Smybol changed from methods, where it was an n like symbol?

    10. averaged

      Is it normal to average results across parameters in simulations, rather than look at results in different scenarios eperately? Possible that findings be skewed by a few scenarios?

    11. formalise

      replace "investigate"

    12. study


    13. Cox regression

      change to time to event model

    14. censoring needs to be handled in an appropriate way.

      We should highlight somewhere that this is the focus of this paper - we begin to tease this out in the last sentence of this paragraph

    15. 0(t)=tη

      i.e. Weibull(?)

    16. γ=0

      in this case censoring is just random - so wouldn't we expect all methods to do well here?

    17. For each estimand above

      Bin the Averages

    18. FP(t|Z=z)=1−exp(−eβZtη+1η+1)

      Move to Methods section and define a DGM seperately (make F_P = F)

    19. 0.1,−0.1)


    20. In

      I know I wrote this(!), but this para is quite hard to follow - suggest moving the points that address the first two of the three ways to where they are introduced - then introduce the third way (censoring) and say that is our focus.

    21. T

      For x axis, 'follow up time, t'?

    22. QRISK

      We will need to introduce this - this is where my comment above re. introducing an example early would help

    23. . However

      replace with "but" and combine the setences

    24. C

      Insert "Nonetheless, censoring ..." to help link the next set of sentences with the rest of this paragraph.

    25. .

      We should also brielfy outline the others ways of assessing calibration for continuous or binary outcome - i.e. calibration slope, flexible calibration plots.

    26. here


    27. insert "the"

    28. looked at


    29. perfect

      what is 'perfect'? Coverage should be 95%. Too high and too low are both bad

    30. expected

      Not sure expected is the right word here? Maybe just 'Although still not at 95%'

    31. the c-statistic is also suitable

      replace with "one can also apply IPCW to the c-statistic (a measure of discrimination)"

      • also noting that we havent yet introduced the c-statistic or the notion of discrimination: could perhaps do this in first paragraph, when initially talking about validation. I appreciate discrimination is not the main focus of paper, but needs to be defined if mentining it here.
    32. added to

      replace with "extended"

    33. In this paper and another [9] he proposes the comparison of KM curves in risk groups, which alleviates the strength of the independence assumption required for the censoring handling to be comparable between the Cox model and the KM curves (since the KM curves now only assume independent censoring within risk group). In these papers a fractional polynomial approach to estimating the baseline survival function (and thus being able to share it efficiently) is also provided

      Add another sentence saying why this method isn't suitable for what we want. Currently it just says this method alleviates the censoring issue. Something like: 'However, this does not allow calculations of the overall calibration of the model, which is of interest here'

    34. ...across the full risk range

    35. Clinical prediction models (CPMs)

      We should say what they are first. E.g. "Clinical prediction models (CPMs) are statistical models/algorithms that aim to predict the presence (diagnostic) or furture occurence (prognostic) of an event of interest, conditional on a set of predictor variables. Before they be implemented in practice, CPMs must be robustly validated."

    1. It seems weird to me that we are trying to enforce commit messages when they are not really visible or used in the GitLab workflow at all. This is what you see most of the time when interacting with the commit list. I've taken time to compose a nice descriptive body and it is hidden by default:
  7. Mar 2020
  8. Oct 2019
  9. yongfu.name yongfu.name
    1. 【台南】Ballon輕 甜點工坊,輕鬆愜意的下午茶時刻就在這裡啦~~
    2. [食記]秘町無煙炭火燒肉&春水堂(夢時代店)&寒軒國際大飯店2F茶苑&台南上原日式料理&依蕾特
    3. 【食】【台南中西】半夜宵夜的好所在│頂好滷味意麵
    4. 台南市 必吃的國華街美食區-小卷米粉PK戰區 邱家&葉家-待達標
    5. 台南中西區。旭一拉麵
    6. 【美食/員工旅遊】台南二日遊度小月擔仔麵 國宴料理 2017/10/14
    7. |台南早午餐|美好的早晨就從「尋早早餐」開始!五妃街上最幸福平價的人氣早午餐!(文末菜單)
    8. 台南東區 上海好味道小籠湯包
    9. 台南美食撐到爆小旅行(3)


    10. 台南美食|二月牌沙茶爐(原双月牌) 先享用鮮美的海鮮再來享受集海鮮鮮味精華的沙茶爐 台南海鮮塔


    11. 台南美食-香港文記燒腊


    12. 新竹肉圓 鷹王肉圓


  10. yongfu.name yongfu.name
    1. 《台北‧美食》鼎泰豐
    2. 台北美食之旅
    3. 【巷弄美食】台北大龍峒 - 梅滿美食
    4. 湄河|台北市美食︱美食王國
    5. 北港甜湯︱台北美食︱美食王國
    6. 美食【台北‧元泰食】
    7. 《台北美食 》台北美食餐廳推薦-大直鍋饕涮涮鍋


    8. 【美食】台北美食│西門│吃吧(chiba)


    9. 《台北‧美食》京兆尹


    10. 【台北美食】平價美食,瓦法奇朵Waffogato(台北車站店)


    11. 台北美食-三井
    12. 食]台北內湖+美璟越南美食
    13. 台北美食-發柴燒


    14. 美食【台北‧帝一火鍋】
    15. [台北美食] 台北火車站 微風美食 一兆堂 精緻鍋物
    16. 台北美食
    17. 台北師大/美食


    1. 【食】公館美食‧泰國小館(二訪)
    2. 公館端紅棗美食 歡迎國人嚐鮮


    3. 【台北美食】藍家割包-公館夜市人氣美食


    1. [台北。夜市美食] 饒河街夜市 **無敵美食大公開


    2. 【台南美食】台南三大夜市之大東夜市


    3. 花園夜市地圖~花園夜市美食之旅
    4. 【夜市美食推薦】台北7大夜市全覽!北部夜市美食推薦全在這裡!|祥安租車
    5. 師大夜市美食
    6. 中壢夜市&美食
    7. 逢甲夜市美食
    8. 師大夜市美食
  11. Sep 2019
  12. yongfu.name yongfu.name
    1. 公館美食之龍記炒燴
    2. 美食-公館 創意盒子
    3. 公館美食記(二)
    4. 食記-公館美食
    5. [美食亂報][苗栗公館] 棗莊
    6. 美食Show│易牙居@ in 公館
    7. [公館美食]公館廖家食記,宜蘭蔥餅,蔥多餅香好好吃
    8. 食記 | 公館熟門美食
    9. 【美食】台北公館美食~水源會館
    10. [苗栗公館]十一屆公館麵店~苗栗美食/苗栗公館美食/麵食/客家菜/停車方便


    11. 【台北 公館站】YumYum好吃好吃,公館平價小店(咖哩、牛排(附完整Menu菜單) 公館站美食/公館平價美食


    12. 公館美食
    1. 【小吃.牛肉湯/台南中西區】號稱台南(排隊)第一名的牛肉湯名店 - 六千牛肉湯


    2. 【小吃/台南中西區】在地熟客多,隱藏菜單多,生意大興隆! - 福泰飯桌


    3. 【快閃。台南】在台南就吃當地的早餐吧!.百年油條、無名鹹粥


    4. 自由派 Liberal cafe ღ 史努比陪你喝咖啡 吃甜點


    5. 台南美食『南隅烘焙坊』原圓頂烘焙坊,一週只賣3天的麵包坊108/09/16~108/10/09任選2組還可以現折50元。天下大飯店住宿優惠


    6. [台南美食] 原佃燒烤-高品質日式禁菸居酒屋/ 台南燒烤/ 手作雞肉串組合/ 台南居酒屋推薦/ 台南串燒推薦


    7. 【台南美食】在古早豪宅享用時尚蔬食午餐 ♫ 赤崁璽樓(蔬食餐廳、民宿、鳳梨酥)台南素食餐廳推薦


    8. 【台南美食/北區】民德虱目魚粥-乳味十足的魚肚粥/鮮味豐富的海產粥【20190811】


    1. 鱗漁場|台北市美食︱美食王國


    2. 【食記-台北美食】油条 黃金牛肉粉/台北101美食/通化街美食/世貿美食


    3. [美食.台北]蘇杭~江南美食


    4. 【美食】台北美食名巷


    1. 【逢甲夜市美食懶人包】美食前哨戰之逢甲夜市必吃美食推薦
    2. 【美食】20081031 東海夜市美食
  13. Jun 2018
    1. Техническая документация PimPay

      Для всей документации работает выделение и комментирование текста прямо на странице



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