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  1. Jan 2022
    1. your choice of primary customer and your understanding of what the customer values provide all the information you need to make the critically important decision of how to organize your company’s resources—in other words, what kind of business model to adopt.

      The company structure represents how to deliver customer value

  2. Dec 2021
    1. In a children’s theatre, Anthony asked parents what the alternatives were to seeing a play. Options such as LEGO video games or joining the Girl Scouts were mentioned; the wide variety of alternatives showed Anthony that the parents’ job is to teach their children independence and teamwork. 

      Studying what customers consider as competition helps you reveal what pushes them to change

    1. you are going to have social, functional, emotional jobs to be done that you’re solving for with your donation.  You might have some functional goals around wanting to achieve a certain result in society and some sort of some benefit whether it’s eradicating a disease or helping to educate an underserved population. Or maybe you’re donating to your university that you went to that you feel a strong sense of affiliation to.  Then, I suppose there are, there are emotional social jobs to be done as well related to how you feel about fulfilling your personal values. Maybe you’re trying to project, demonstrate to your family a certain set of values. 

      Jobs To Be Done that donors are fulfilling - three potential types of jobs to be done: social, functional and emotional

    1. When we looked closely at 65 of the companies that were on the journey to becoming more nimble, we found that the more successful ones were applying many agile and lean principles to decision-making itself. In this article we’ll show what that means: including diverse perspectives, clarifying decision rights, matching the cadence of decision-making to the pace of learning, and encouraging candid, healthy conflict in service of a better experience for the end customer.

      Agile is not just applicable to ways of operating, but to decision-making processes itself

  3. Aug 2021
    1. people can become even more rigid in old habits and mindsets when under stress.

      Focusing on adaptability at times of complex change is essential - because without effort you can actually end up being less adaptable due to people's natural stress responses (which make them more rigid in old habits and mindsets)

    2. leading organizations are already measurably improving this skill at enterprise scale in a matter of months

      adaptability of an organisation can be measured and improved quickly

    3. Organizations that address these questions open the door to better employee experience, increased loyalty, and access to larger talent pools.

      More vision on the workplace you want - and why - will help to attract better talent. Important that this includes flexibility

    4. Organizations should rethink the knowledge, skills, abilities, and experiences (KSAEs) required for jobs.

      Not clear how the increasing competition for talent means that organisations should move away from hiring based on education etc.

    5. Organizations that establish a clear link between what they do and why they exist are likely to gain a competitive advantage in both employee and customer retention.

      Purpose has become a stronger driver for employees in their professional choices and happiness as a result of COVID-19. It can lead to increased competitive advantage by improving employee engagement and customer retention

    1. a system in which content creators and journalists could cultivate a reputation score outside of the specific outlets for which they write, adopting a decentralized approach to the verification of sources, edit history, and other elements of their digital content

      Blockchain could increase the importance of freelance journalism (of the type we see on SubStack etc.)