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  1. May 2014
    1. Could be a feature. Could be a bug. But annotations on a link disable the link itself when highlighting is turned on.

      See: ABOUT US

    2. response to a call for proposals.

      I'd love to see a paragraph after this about the review process. "First we watch all videos then dive deeper into applications. We're looking for..."

    3. On page reload the annotations are taking some time (10+ seconds) to load. Understandable with 20 people all adding things at once — any thought to a loading/progress indicator in the plugin itself?

    4. Interesting. My first (successful) login was met with the success message "your password has been reset."

    5. OERs

      OER was an unknown term to me. Seems to be very common in the group but it might be nice to clarify/define. (Open Educational Resources I gather? But that's from context far deeper than this.)

    6. Our number one ask is that openness be at the core of your idea and/or its implementation. Openness is not an add on. It is a fundamental approach to both participation and intellectual property.

      I'd love to see this BIG as a pull quote, etc. Seems so vital/important and really the heart of the matter.

    7. Tell us HOW you will do this and what the real world processes will be.

      This seems to return to the idea of investing in the individual, the goal, rather than the overall project. It took me a while to understand why that's such an important feature. But now that I do it seems so important.