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  1. Nov 2020
    1. In addition to school funding, another significant obstacle to the academic success oflow-SES students is that parent and community contributions, which are instrumental to studentsuccess, tend to be lower in low-income areas

      This could be a subclaim because it adds on another barrier of what academic inequality causes. They're claiming of how parent and community contributions are needed for student success.

    2. One notable barrier to the academic success of students from low-income households isthe limited school resources in low-income areas

      I think this is a subclaim because it ties in with the main claim of how there's education inequality in America. This subclaim introduces a barrier of what inequality causes due to limited school resources.

    1. The films are thus better understood as copies whose originals are often lost or little known” (Dika, 10-11)

      This is a great way the writer used to defend their claim. Just by including evidence that nostalgia in films are just copies whose originals are lost. In fact it's giving justice to the originals because they're reviving the original lost film instead of it being lost forever.

    2. Those who regularly were in a nostalgic state were considered to be unhealthy, as they were ‘stuck’ in the past, ignoring their present lives. (“Anticipatory Nostalgia”, 75).

      I like the way the writer expresses the counter argument using their evidence smoothly providing a nice transition. Then later connects the evidence with nostalgia in films.