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  1. Apr 2024
    1. This diagram illustrates how our four main services align and integrate with one another. An ecosystem of services to help people restore their landscape ecosystem services.

      A summary of the syntropic agroforestry services this AE website offers.

    1. This webpage offers one person's perspective of SA, and is quite thorough.

    2. The PrinciplesThe following guiding principles were laid out by our instructors: Keep the soil covered Maximize photosynthesis Stratification Synchronization Natural succession Management

      This webpage offers one person's perspective of SA, and is quite thorough.

    3. The primary goal of syntropic farming is to reforest the planet. It is a form of agriculture designed to incentivize the planting of trees with the overwhelming end goal of creating productive forests. Syntropic farming should be taken from the context of Brazil, a country that has experienced extreme deforestation and desperately needs to encourage both wealthy land owners and peasant farmers to reforest. Syntropic agriculture accomplishes this by providing short, medium, and long term yields while these forests are maturing. So what is syntropic farming exactly? Syntropic farming is an intensive form of agroforestry that imitates market gardening and slash and mulch agroforestry, in order to provide yields at all stages of succession, generate its own fertility, and with the end goal of creating a productive forest that imitates the structure and function of the native forests.

      A fresh and more context-driven explanation of syntropic agroforestry.

  2. May 2015
    1. 55% of consumers surveyed are willing to buy their groceries online, but only 25% of them actually do

      This is an untapped opportunity that the likes of Ooooby is poised to serve. Ooooby is a social enterprise purposed to rebuild the local food system. In collaboration with The Food Commons, Ooooby is building a for-community-profit system putting food back in the hands of the people.

    1. This box is all about organic then local

      I wonder if we could get a better photo of the average Ooooby box. This one just doesn't do it justice.

    1. another layer not controlled by the content owners

      This takes Facebook discussion into a whole new realm. Imagine the potentially meaningful dialogue that could be had on this Hypothesis layer!