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  1. Aug 2019
    1. align them to the voice recording in a way that works best for the purpose of synthesizing novel utterances from novel speakers

      subword unit 을 적절하게 align 하여 새로운 speaker 의 새로운 발화를 synthesizing 함

    2. discover subword units in an unsupervised way (using the Unit Discovery Dataset)

      Unit Discovery Dataset 을 이용하여 subword unit 을 unsupervised 방법으로 분리함

    1. learn an end-to-end Spoken Dialog (SD) system, in an unknown language, from scratch, using only information available to a language learning infant.

      모르는 언어에 대하여, 처음부터(from scratch), 언어를 배우는 아기가 사용하는 정보만을 가지고, end-to-end로 발화된 대화를 학습하는 시스템

  2. Jul 2019