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  1. Oct 2021
    1. Other policies simply tar-geted black communities for iso-lation and demolition. The postwar programs for urban renewal, for instance, destroyed black neigh-borhoods and displaced their residents with such regularity that African-Americans came to believe, in James Baldwin’s mem-orable phrase, that ‘‘urban renewal means Negro removal.’

      QUESTION- this whole passage and this quote in particular took me by surprise because I was not aware of the fact that the very roads we travel on were built as a means of segregation- and it brings me to the question of what other everyday things we don't think twice about could have been originally intended as a means of separation?

    2. Any fi nancial progress that black people made was regarded as an aff ront to white supremacy. After a decade of black gains under Reconstruction, a much longer period of racial violence would wipe nearly all of it away.

      CPI- I was not fully aware of the fact that Black people were able to make as much financial progress as they did, which only speaks to the fact that white people refused to accept that Black people could be successful and that they tried as hard as they could to stifle that success.

    3. t’s not just that this history fos-tered a view of black people as presumptively criminal. It also cul-tivated a tolerance for employing any level of brutality in response.

      EPT- I have learned about how mass incarceration stems from slavery and segregation but this passage, and especially this quote, expand on the idea by showing how after the abolition of slavery white people searched for ways to stay in control of Black people and how they justified brutality.

    4. Children as young as 13, almost all black, are sentenced to life imprisonment for nonhomi-cide off enses.

      RNI- I know that the incarceration rates for Black people is much, much higher than those for white people, but I wasn't aware that children as young as 13 were being imprisoned, much less that they were being given life sentences.