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  1. Nov 2022
    1. Reference Lab

      Does this still exist?

    2. Digital Initiatives and Web Services team

      I somehow missed changing this to Web Technologies

    3. Beginning in August 2019, all new content will meet or exceed WCAG 2.0 AA standards.

      Needs to be updated to reflect the fact that it is now past 2019 :)

    4. Parking On the East (Hardy Rd.) side of the library, there are more than 12 parking spaces designated for people with disabilities, including several that are van-accessible. On the West side, limited parking is available near the Swalm building, at the loading docks. These spaces do not include van lift access. Check the MSU parking map for more details.

      This probably needs updating, right? now that everything's behind a gate?

    5. The following adaptive equipment is available:

      Is this list still accurate?

    6. Check out fiction and nonfiction titles on cassette or CD from the MaxxSouth Digital Media Center.

      I had heard that the DMC was weeding some of their media collection...is this still accurate?

    7. Any MSU Libraries public service desk

      Should this be more specific, now that the main library really only has one public service desk?