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  1. Apr 2016
    1. weseesignsofthe“indigenouscritique”ofschool-ingfromasituatedperspectivearguedbyGee(2004)
    2. Triggeringstudents’identitiesasproblemsolversthroughtechnology-enhancedlearning
    3. Thisexamplewasalsoindicativeofanotherbroadpattern:Moststu-dentshaddifficultyusinggraphs,charts,andquantitativedatatogener-atefindings

      Which is why STEM is so important

    4. Educatorscandesigngamefeaturesthatserveas“chokepoints”forplayers,requiringthemtoconfrontdifficultyetimportantdeficienciesintheirskills
    5. Thetypeofrepresentationstudentsmadetoorganizeinformationcorrelatedhighlywiththeirrelativesuccessinsolvingtheproblem.

      I'm not sure what this statement means..

    6. motivatingaspectsofroleplaytoproduceengage

      Tapping into those theories of intrinsic motivation.

    7. Mr.Simmsattributedthisextrainterestinrevisingtothefactthatstu-dentsperceiveditasauthentic

      Ah the explanation of why it felt organic!

    8. Thisdiscussionandsynthe-sisacrossrolesweretypical

      It sounds like the experience was very organic, and not contrived.

    9. Thistechniquecombinesinterdependentroles(agamestrategy)withjigsawing


    10. that’swhenyouknowyou’redoingsomethinggreat

      Great story! Any thoughts?

    11. Student-generatedrepresentationspostedthroughouttheroomfunc-tionedasacognitivescaffoldingtosupporttheirthinkingthroughtheproblemspace.
    12. Ms.Jonescreated“confidentialinfor-mationpackets”forstudent

      Sounds fun. Anyone want to share their best classroom or teacher experience?

    13. Assuch,standardizedorcontrolledmeasuresarenotyetfeasible

      What is your critical evaluation of this statement? Do you think this is true? If so does it effect your opinion of the article?

    14. Theunderlyingtechnologiesareincreasinglystable,althoughthechancesof30PocketPCs,eachequippedwithaGPSdevice,runningflawlesslyisslim,andusingthesedevicesinaclassroomcontextisexplor-ingnewterritory.

      Written in 2010, perhaps he didn't know about the iPhone yet. Thoughts on what the author is trying to say?

    15. StudentscouldnotaccessthesimulationontheirownPDAsorcellphones

      Wait! Wasn't the main purpose of this project to make it mobile?

    16. Thegame,SickatSouthBeach,designedbyJamesMathews,isasciencemysterygameinwhichagroupofkidshavefallenillafteraspendingadayatthebeachalongLakeMichigan.Studentsrole-playaswaterchemists,publichealthdoctors,orwildlifeecologistsworkingonthecase,whichrequiresthemtoinvestigatewaterqualityissuescommoninGreatLakescities

      The game. But notice how the author didn't mention if the kids were a part of the design, as in our Matthews & Holden (2012) reading.

    17. Researchonpeoplewhoself-identifyasgamerssuggeststhatprolongedparticipationingameculturesmayleadtoamoreactive,problem-solv-ingorientationtolearning
    18. Resourcesbecometoolsthatplayersmobilizeintheirpursuitofgoals

      Descirbe how you have used resources as tools in your own gaming experience?

    19. Gamesconsistofcharactersandnarrativeeventstiedtogetherbyunderlyingrulesets
    20. experiential.

      Three of three things needed to design a learning environment.

    21. participatory

      Two of three things needed to design a learning environement

    22. simulation

      One of three things needed to design a learning environment

    23. Squire(inpress)describedthisinteractiveageintermsofbeingbuiltontechnologiesofsimulation,beingdeeplyparticipatory,andbeingbasedontheaestheticsofexperi-ence.
    24. uggestinghowinformationtech-nologiescanbeintegratedintoanenvironmentratherthanbeincompetitionwithclassroomactivities

      To the teachers, this article was written in 2010, now in 2016, how has your classroom or school leveraged this balance?

    25. trivialpursuit”phe-nomena.Schoolsgenerallyrequireandrewardbroad,superficialknowl-edgeoffacts

      Who felt their schooling experience was like this? How did you relate personally as a student?

    26. instantaneousaccesstoinformation,andpersistentaccesstodistributednetworksofexpertise

      This is the authors definition of "disruptive technology"

    27. willstudentshavethenecessaryproblem-identificationskills,technologicalexpertise,underlyingconceptualunderstanding,creativity,andabilitytocommunicateviamultipleformsofmediathattheyneedtostaygloballycompetitive

      I know we've seen this statement made a lot, but are you interested in reading the real reports on how we compete globally? Read here:

    28. dis-ruptivetechnology

      Is there such a thing? How would you define a "disruptive technology" and would iPhones in school fall under that category?

    1. centrality of student voice in the design process
    2. place– based design education

      Before the authors explain, what do you think the three core values of this project are?

    3. Makes me think is the design component the key to the balance between purely self-directed learning and instructor-led learning?

    4. This is not to suggest that students always agreed on topics and designs, or that the decision making process was conflict free.

      I like how the authors mention and recognize the challenges for creating/recreating a project like this.

    5. The design of PPS’s classroom environment and curriculum, particularly its emphasis on democratic participation, encouraged choice and ownership to emerge as normative elements of teaching and learning

      Powerful statement

    6. tudents exercised choice about what they learned, which cultivated a sense of ownership over the learning environment

      In our last reading we read about student need more self-directed learning.

      What percentage of this project would you guess is self-directed, group-directed, or instructor-facilitated?

    7. students designed a narrative– centric AR game where players had to survive a week at the protests

      The Product.

    8. research inquiry on the protests, students first constructed a timeline of events, identified key political issues and politicians, developed a set of inquiry questions, and compiled relevant web– based and print resources.

      Methodology explained.

      What are your thoughts thus far on the process of the project?

    9. the protests quickly emerged as a primary concern

      The topic

    10. citizen ethnographers

      How would you define this term?

    11. Dow Day
    12. The Capitol Protests originated from students’ interest in studying a series of protests occurring in and around their state capitol building.
    13. it shows students commitment to representing the debate from multiple perspectives instead of producing a story that was explicitly persuasive

      Here the authors provide their own explanation of why the students chose to include multiple perspectives.

    14. In this interactive story visitors to a local nature conservancy meet a “concerned citizen”

      Who else was curious to see what this actually looked liked?!?

      Also do you feel this was a sufficient explanation of this component of the project?

    15. four interconnecting components of PPS

      The methodology is explained.

      What components do you like the most or are most likely to use in a classroom setting?

    16. Students decided that their final design should present multiple perspectives

      How would you explain this phenomenon. Why did the students want to present multiple perspectives?

    17. the proposal called for paving one of the main paths through the conservancy

      There's the issue the students selected!

    18. Scvngr, MITAR, ARIS)

      Quick Poll: Were you already familiar with these platforms?

    19. mobile media to identify and investigate contested places and issues in their city

      Again, what issues do you think the students might want to investigate?

    20. emphasize students as designers.

      If you haven't read the rest of the article yet,

      what issues do you think the students might address?

    21. One of the key goals of PPS is to engage students in identifying and researching cultural and ecological themes and issues in their local community, then designing media and events (e.g., documentaries, photo exhibits, games, community events, and digital stories) to share their findings and personal perspectives on these issues

      The Abstract

  2. Mar 2016
    1. What children's games do you think provides the most learning opportunities?

    1. GamerGate

      I was wondering what this meant. I thought I was missing on some great cultural movement. Its sad to know the truth.:(