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  1. Jan 2023
  2. Oct 2022
    1. ensures that customers feel heard

      What do you do when you suspect that a customer is not feeling heard? Options?

    2. posting in engineering channels

      +1 Engineers will interrupt their day to answer you. Interrupts cost us money

    3. date

      Or "next release"

    4. “they really want this” is not an emergency.

      What would be an emergency?

      I'd like to get a DM if someone from CS is like, wow, this customer is pushing the boundaries of what Connect can do and/or they're really great at advocating for what they want to see and why it would be valuable to them. Sometimes I'm able to glean that from ProdPad feedback, but I suspect not always.

    5. Open source?

      What if it's a little of both, or they don't know?

  3. May 2021
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    1. Hey check this out

    2. Dr. Kristen Gorman


    3. I think I'm seeing some weird behavior when I select "bill_length_mm" on this chart: check it out. Is that expected?

    4. palmerpenguins

      TODO: Add a link

    5. Hey Tom, would you mind taking a look at the following in the next round of testing?

      • Let me know if the colors are OK in this chart
      • Should I replace the WellPanel elements here with something else? Link


    1. 42.98

      Can you take a look at this @kelly?

    2. HTML, PDF, and MS Word documents


    3. generated that includes both content

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