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  1. Sep 2017
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    1. Teachers are viewed, not justas transmitters and challengers of knowledge anddesigners of instructional tasks that help studentsconstruct individual understandings of subjectdomains, but as founders of classroom learningcommunities that extend and connect to authenticcultures of practice

      This idea feels central to the claims of this text. As I consider and wrestle with the ideas in this text, I see the claims as being a both/and because the mental processes of cognition are situated in the context and production of the community's work. It's the practical application of the ways of thinking within situated communities that builds the skills and thinking pathways of students.

    2. a process thatinvolves emergent reorganization in the patterns ofmember activities, coupled with a growth of sharedknowledge through changing practices and the cre-ating of artifacts and tools that facilitate work.

      If this is discussing the professional level, then, at the k-12 school level, this might go beyond just forming classroom communities, to students experiencing the community of discourse situated in each discipline (aka disciplinary literacy). This is a powerful consideration when considering authentic classroom experiences embedding the thinking and communication unique to each discipline.

  3. Aug 2017
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    1. it is autonomous in the sense that itsbasic architecture is closed to reorganization.

      Once it's set it stays? But, can't pathways of constructing knowledge within the brain evolve? Doesn't the brain form new connections and electrical pathways across one's life based upon use/disuse? If so, couldn't pathways be made and layered in complex ways as a result of changing stimuli?

    1. discussthisassignmentinfurtherdetail,

      I am really excited to hear ideas of the types of books considered appropriate for review. I have spent so much time reading books targeting pedagogy and strategy fro the classroom that having a better idea of what is appropriate for this course will be helpful.

    2. rotatingstudentdiscussionleaderswithingroups

      How large will the groups be to ensure there is ample opportunities for multiple facilitations?

    3. privategroup

      How will the private groups be determined?