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  1. May 2019
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    1. affordances of technology for the purposes of equity, connection, and justice,

      I appreciate the nuance in the phrase "affordances of technology" (although I wish we could say "technologies") being used in the context of specific purposes. I wish these purposes included something about personal or individual agency. This is a central need, particularly of adolescents, and so often lies unaddressed.

    1. These gaps represent barriers in the learning ecosystem, not deficits of the learners themselves.

      I work with teachers and preservice teachers in a district where equity and social justice are articulated priorities. At the same time, I describe the schools as 1950 plus cellphones. The notion of "the" learning ecosystem may need some unpacking on a micro/local level.

    2. Use technology

      A pencil is a technology. So is a book. Like @bakerdoylek, I am curious about how the term is used, in this document and in others we read during this experience. In this context, I'm betting they refer to digital tools, possibly internet-based.

  3. Dec 2016
    1. LiteratureReview

      This lit review is valuable in and of itself because it offers such a concise reading of the theories.

  4. Sep 2016