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  1. Jan 2016
    1. She wasn’t hiding her interests, but she had created a separate context—and thus a separate digital persona—for talking with fellow fans.

      I remember doing the same thing on Myspace with the show Lost. My friends weren't into it so I found groups on there to discuss theories and plot lines with fellow fans.

    2. Some people assume that these ebbs and flows mean radical changes in youth culture, but often the underlying practices stay the same even as the context shifts what is rendered visible and significant.

      I agree, as someone who was around for Myspace and its downfall and rise of Facebook, even though the sites were different, the ideas were same and the way they were used were similar. I see the same thing happening as kids switch to Snapchat.

    3. She’s choosing to represent herself in different ways on different sites with the expecta-tion of different audiences and different norms

      Unfortunately these days it is harder to do that as all the big soicial media sites continue to intertwine with each other.

    4. I was proud to be one of the children he spoke of who appeared “native” in the new civilization

      I was proud to be one of those children as well, exploring this "new frontier."

    5. Although Turkle recognized that a person’s identity was always tethered to his or her psyche, she left room for arguments that suggested that the internet could—and would—free people of the burdens of their “material”—or physically embodied—identities, enabling them to become a better version of themselves.

      I think that the opposite happened ore frequently. The internet allowed people to be the worst possible versions of themselves or be a completely different person, especially in the early years of the internet when people filled chatrooms and hid behind screen-names.

    6. Yet, on Facebook, this has proven to be intrac-table and confusing, given the complex and constantly changing pri-vacy settings on that site.6

      This is very true, in the years I have been on Facebook, they have changed privacy settings numerous times.