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  1. Jan 2020
    1. bony Elizabeth Thomas and Amy Stornaiuolo argue that racebending is a form of restorying, a “process by which people reshape narratives to rep-resent a diversity of perspectives and experiences that are often missing or silenced in mainstream texts, media, and popular discourse” (313)

      The article cited here is such an important and interesting piece--worth reading in its entirety.

    2. I appreciate the directness and succinct quality of these opening paragraphs. I have come to similar conclusions, about literary canons and certainly about the Common Core, but this is expressed so clearly here!

  2. Jul 2019
  3. educatorinnovator.org educatorinnovator.org
    1. I, Pseudocoder

      This made me chuckle--both because I am living in a pseudocoding space myself, so I identify with the self-deprecating humor, and because of the riff on "I, Robot"

  4. Oct 2018
    1. perhaps because of their sometimes different disciplinary and theoretical roots, these areas may exist in parallel with one another, rather than in conversation.

      This makes sense to me--I had sensed this, but I hadn't attempted to trace these bodies of work to their roots. As is often the case, I was desperately searching for approaches and ideas to address the situations at hand.

    2. teach-ers are generally not prepared to address the intersections of healing, politics, and emotion in classrooms.

      Nor are most of the teacher-educators working with pre-service teachers. And can we be fully prepared, any of us right now? I survived my own trauma through years of therapy and work, and I have learned a fair bit about socio-emotional learning and trauma-informed practice. But right now, my adopted city, Pittsburgh, is grappling with a massacre. I am aiming to act and lead from my heart; yet I am scattered, hurt, and deeply tired.