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  1. May 2019
    1. vestibule

      "A chamber or hall immediately between the entrance-door and the interior of a building or house, to which it gives admittance; an ante-chamber, entrance-hall, or lobby" (OED).


    2. shrubbery

      "A plantation of shrubs; a plot planted with shrubs" (OED).


    3. copse

      "A thicket of small trees or underwood periodically cut for economic purposes" (OED).


    4. Gracechurch Street

      Gracechurch Street is a main road in London and is historic for its shops and restaurants and serves as an entrance to Londons Leadenhall Market which has been open since the 14th century. https://janeaustensworld.wordpress.com/tag/gracechurch-street/

    5. annum.

      For each year (used in financial contexts)

      Oxford Dictionary: https://en.oxforddictionaries.com/definition/per_annum

  2. Sep 2017
  3. Aug 2017
    1. sacrificed my parents every morning.

      We notice this poem is about pain, torture and a reflection of being from the beginning.

    2. effigies

      a sculpture or model of a person

    3. Natalie Diaz

      Mojave American Poet, language Activist and Educator.

    4. My brother flung them into cenotes, dropped them from cliffs, punched holes into their skulls like useless jars or vases, broke them to pieces and fed them to gods ruling

      This stanza is a nice example of just how he abusing the trust and love his parents are giving him. He just discards it and doesn't care.

    5. cenotes

      Cenote means a natural pit, or sinkhole, a natural pit...

      therefore, this can be taken as the brother throwing the parents into a pit of doom, so to say, because he just tosses them into the darkness and lets them sink like he is doing with himself.

    6. Huitzilopchtli, a god, half-man, half-hummingbird. My parents at his feet, wrecked honeysuckles, he lowered his sword-like mouth,

      He is seen as a God because of how he has a huge effect on the family with his actions. Whatever he does rains down to the rest so he is a "top figure" in a way.