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  1. Feb 2021
    1. Microsoft has the advantage of exclusively serving Yahoo search traffic, powering several digital assistant voice searches, and the ability to target searchers with LinkedIn profile data such as company, job function, and industry.

      I also was curious when reading this about how relevant Microsoft ads are nowadays. I feel like everything these days is focused on Google or Google centered. When I use Safari on my iPhone, it takes me to Google search results. I don't think I have ever used Bing and I haven't used Yahoo in probably 10+ years. Is it beneficial for companies to still put effort into Microsoft? Or could this be a case by case thing depending on the size of the company. I feel like it wouldn't be very cost effective for a small business to put money into Microsoft ads since the majority of users use Google.

    1. 7. Emphasize What Makes You Stand Out

      This practice was probably the hardest one for me to grasp. I am not sure how you can write an effective ad that fits within the ad restraints while still setting yourself apart from competitors and convincing the audience that you are the best option for their needs. Are there any tips or tricks that we can use to state these reasons but in a short and to the point way? I tend to be too wordy when it comes to these things.

    1. Once you enter in your seed keywords into a keyword research tool, you will begin to discover other keywords, common questions, and topics for your content that you might have otherwise missed.

      Finding the actual keywords wasn't hard for me, but I think I may be overthinking it at times. How closely related should the keywords be in terms of sharing words? For example, I am selling healthy dog food and I choose the keywords: dog food, healthy dog food, and healthy food for dogs. Are those phrases too closely related to each other or would that be fine? I just was unsure if having them that close would narrow my audience too much.

    1. The state of your link profile helps search engines understand how your site relates to other sites on the Internet. There are various SEO tools that allow you to analyze your link profile and begin to understand its overall makeup.

      So.the goal is to have other reliable and trustworthy sites basically endorse your brand by linking to your site in some way. Say I own a small business and am just starting to dive into marketing it (outside of Facebook, Twitter, etc). What is the best way to basically get other sources to vouch for your brand? I feel like this could be extremely hard for the little guys.