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  1. Aug 2017
    1. PLAYLIST: Storywars | Generation Z

      My younger son who is is 20 watches documentaries all the time. I thought it was odd, but it makes sense in context.

    2. PLAYLIST: Storywars | Generation Z

      Though I have studied and love the Hero's journey (and promise myself one day I will read J Cambpell entirely) I have never been able to translate it into branding. I only considered it for art - film, books, etc. This concrete explanation really helps, and I will be sharing this with colleagues.

    3. PLAYLIST: Storywars | Generation Z

      I think the graphics in this section are awesome. They add another element to the messaging, that the oral tradition changes story over time. Seeing this visually is powerful. The graphics for the changing information delivered through TV is both super cool and again supports the message.

    1. omething important about you and your interests

      If it works out can I use a work project?

    2. not all artists

      I am glad to hear this as I am very challenges with my own ability. If I would like to work with someone else I know who may be able to create an asset can I use their talent as long as they are credited?

    3. The final reflection is like your final course portfolio, and should include links/embeds of all of your Challenges and Dialogs, as well as your reflection on your course experience.  I will prompt you with some questions to answer when we reach the end of the course.

      Can you clarify that the final project is a subset of the reflection?

    4. Resist slideshows!

      YIKES! and HOORAY!

    5. Dialog  (talk to someone outside of class)

      I would not have expected that in a digital class we would have one of the options live dialogue but of course it makes sense. I am a podcast junky and realize that most of the ones I gravitate to are dialogue based.

    6. Hypothes.is

      I have not heard of this tool before but can think of many applications that would work in my work team. Thanks for introducing me to it.