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  1. Aug 2019
    1. One of these species was the aurochs, a grazing animal like a buffalo that stood about six feet tall at the shoulder. The wild aurochs is now extinct. Although at first it was probably hunted for its meat, aurochs were different from other prey animals. Aurochs were a social species and some would accept humans as the leaders of their herds. The aurochs could be bred in captivity, and they gradually lost their fear of people and allowed themselves to be herded. Over time, in exchange for prime grazing lands and protection from predators, aurochs even allowed themselves to be milked. After hundreds of generations, the wild aurochs became domestic milk-cows.

      I find this section particularly interesting considering I come from a agricultural background. to look at the larger farming operations we see today and how we have evolved from using animals to survive and feed small groups of people to mass production from larger farms to feeding large quantities of people.