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  1. Oct 2018
    1. By analysing the relationshipbetween development rate and growth rate, it can be determined whetherplasticity in life-history traits is caused by changed physiology or behaviour

      What is the difference between development rate and growth rate?

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  2. Aug 2018
    1. Motoo Kimura was right! They didn't know about genetic drift and just thought that species adapted in ways that were negative towards their chance at survival.

      Difficulty- I had to reread this because I thought they were still mentioning scientists who had the wrong ideas of evolution.

      How did he find out about genetic drift? Doesn't this usually occur in very small populations.

      --I will look into this further.

    2. infanticide - the crime of killing a child within a year of birth

      Not so fun fact - Mothers are much more likely to kill their young or other babies than their own than a paternal figure.

    3. I never thought about the moral and ethics of religion. I feel as though people will continue to be ethical and a good person not just because it says to in a Bible.

      Have you guys ever heard that type of excuse for not believing in evolution?

    4. The last sentence is unsettling to me. Science isn't always ethical but we try to make it so it can be accepted by society. But just because an animal behaves in a certain way doesn't mean that humans will. This seems like an excuse to stop scientific research altogether. What do you guys think??

    5. This may be unsettling for people with deep religious beliefs because according to science nothing has a purpose just a function.

    6. Refresher on semiconservative replication

      -genetic replication in which a double-stranded molecule of nucleic acid separates into two single strands each of which serves as a template for the formation of a complementary strand--DNA is reused

    7. Does speciation occur because of divergence?

      Definition of speciation - the formation of new and distinct species in the course of evolution

      Genetic divergence is the process in which two or more populations of an ancestral species accumulate independent mutations--often after the populations have become reproductively isolated for some period of time.

      So yes. Speciation can be caused because of divergence.

    8. Paleontologists ignored proximate and ultimate ideas here (Irish Elk). August Weismann must not have understood passing on of genes and instead he emphasized environmental aspects (cutting the mice tails).

    9. Adaptation is over generations whereas adjustments/acclimations are over one's lifetime.

    10. In summary, those with the best characteristics for survival will find a mate and pass their trait on over generations.

    11. coral atolls - ring-shaped coral reef including a coral rim that encircles a lagoon

    12. Lamarck believed over time species grew in complexity while Darwin believed that functionality was more important than complexity. Lamarck's giraffe neck-stretching theory was proximate whereas, Darwin's idea of natural selection is the ultimate answer.

    13. propinquity- the state of being close to something

    14. It seems as though the ideas from Plato and Aristotle are very similar to the ideas of "The Great Chain of Being".

    15. This could be another reason for skepticism of scientific theories because not everything surrounding evolution is certain and there are still things we are uncovering.

    16. The differences in definitions of the word theory may be a reason why the theory of evolution is controversial.

      In everyday life a theory can be questioned, randomly created and sometimes wrong. This may be a reason why scientific theories are continually questioned.

    17. Ontogeny - origination and development of an organism

    18. It is important to know the ultimate reasons for things in order to make proximate hypotheses.

    19. Are the sooty mangabey and chimpanzee suffering from similar symptoms of SIVs than humans do with HIV/AIDs or did the virus evolve to be much stronger and abrasive to humans?

      common HIV symptoms in humans: vomiting, diarrhea, chronic fatigue, rapid weight loss. cough, fever, chills, rashes, sores, or lesions

      common SIV symptoms in primates: According to K.C. Williams "SIV remains endemic in several species of monkeys in Africa where it does not cause immune deficiency." "SIV can infect monocyte/macrophage populations in blood and more importantly in tissues, including the central nervous system, where the virus can remain sequestered and not cleared by antiretroviral therapy, and hide for years."

    20. I never thought of the drugs causing the mutations but this perhaps could be a an explanation.

    21. All of these questions have ultimate answers.

      Senesce - deteriorate with age

    22. class connection to antibiotics no longer working because of resistant bacteria --Is there a better way to ensure our livestock can grow to be strong and healthy without pumping them with antibiotics and accumulating them into our systems?

    23. I am curious if the host species (bats) had symptoms of Ebola similar to humans such as dehydration, fatigue, body pain, vomiting--