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  1. Oct 2021
    1. While some hotels have adopted the formal environmental management system (EMS) or the internationally recognised ISO 14001 Environmental Management Standard for the sake of the environment—or other claimed benefits—many hotels are still standing at the crossroads in adopting EMS. This exploratory study was conducted with the aim of investigating the barriers to EMS in the hotel industry in Hong Kong SAR


    1. Possible problems: Some students do not see any differences in “like“, “enjoy“, “be


    2. Students should already know the meaning of these expressions from pre-reading activity when we went through all questions in questionnaire together. If they do not remember it I do not translate them before. It will be too easy so in that occasion they are supposed to guess the right meaning on their own.


    1. The research is addressed to students of Hotel and Tourism Management programme at Fundación Universitaria para el Desarrollo Humano - UNINPAHU, who currently study three levels of English (which are given to all the study programmes of the university and that provides the contents of a general English class for all the students—regardless the major they are taking).