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  1. May 2016
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    1. age

      “A long but indefinite space of time . . . often loosely in exaggeration” (OED).

    2. millinery

      “The articles made or sold by milliners . . . ‘fancy’ wares and articles of apparel, esp. of such as were originally of Milan manufacture, e.g. ‘Milan bonnets’, ribbons, gloves” (OED).

    3. devoirs

      “A dutiful act of civility or respect; usually in pl., dutiful respects, courteous attentions, addresses; chiefly in phr. to do or pay one’s devoir(s (to some one)” (OED).

    4. fifty guineas

      This would be the equivalent to roughly $2,000 today ("Currency Converter").

    5. gouty

      “Affected with gout . . . [s]wollen or bulging, so as to be out of shape or disproportioned” (OED).

    6. fifty thousand pounds

      This would be the equivalent to roughly $2,000,000 today (“Currency Converter”).

    7. proviso

      “A clause inserted in a legal or formal document, making some condition, stipulation . . . provision” (OED).