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  1. Aug 2022
    1. Secure Oozie POST/PUT Request Payload Size Restriction With one exception there are no known size limits for requests or responses payloads that pass through the gateway. The exception involves POST or PUT request payload sizes for Oozie in a Kerberos secured Hadoop cluster. In this one case there is currently a 4Kb payload size limit for the first request made to the Hadoop cluster. This is a result of how the gateway negotiates a trust relationship between itself and the cluster via SPNEGO. There is an undocumented configuration setting to modify this limit’s value if required. In the future this will be made more easily configurable and at that time it will be documented.

      [[Apache Knox]] and [[Oozie]] payload request limit

  2. May 2021
    1. Penpot - The Open-Source design & prototyping platform

      Open Source alternative to Sketch and Figma?

  3. Mar 2021
    1. The way Kubernetes processes multiple taints and tolerations is like a filter: start with all of a node's taints, then ignore the ones for which the pod has a matching toleration; the remaining un-ignored taints have the indicated effects on the pod.

      A pod's toleration says "I can handle the case that the node is tainted with key1=value1:NoSchedule, you can deploy me there"

  4. Jan 2021
    1. function kubectlgetall { for i in $(kubectl api-resources --verbs=list --namespaced -o name | grep -v "events.events.k8s.io" | grep -v "events" | sort | uniq); do echo "Resource:" $i kubectl -n ${1} get --ignore-not-found ${i} done }

      function kubectlgetall { for i in $(kubectl api-resources --verbs=list --namespaced -o name | grep -v "events.events.k8s.io" | grep -v "events" | sort | uniq); do echo "Resource:" $i; kubectl get ${1} --ignore-not-found ${i}; done; }

    1. balance s and I think this is really where you get into the power of fire and snow met together

      balance s => ValueSets

  5. Sep 2020
    1. func extensions install --package Microsoft.Azure.WebJobs.Extensions.CosmosDB --version 3.0.0-beta6

      Just running func extensions install without further parameters checks the function.json file and installs required extensions

  6. Jun 2020
    1. Linear and Mixed-Integer Programming
    2. Constraint Programming
    3. OR-Tools includes solvers for
    4. Scheduling: Find the optimal schedule for a complex set of tasks, some of which need to be performed before others, on a fixed set of machines, or other resources.
    5. After modeling your problem in the programming language of your choice, you can use any of a half dozen solvers to solve it: commercial solvers such as Gurobi or CPLEX, or open-source solvers such as SCIP, GLPK, or Google's GLOP and award-winning CP-SAT.
    6. vehicle routing, flows, integer and linear programming, and constraint programming.
    7. open source
    8. OR-Tools is fast and portable software for combinatorial optimization.
    9. OR-Tools won four gold medals in the 2019 MiniZinc Challenge, the international constraint programming competition.
  7. May 2020
    1. Google Drive by authorizing Hypothes.is within your Google account

      Getting an error message here: Sign in with Google temporarily disabled for this app This app has not been verified yet by Google in order to use Google Sign In.

  8. Apr 2020
    1. Fiction books are not an exception: I tend to highlight use of language I liked, inspirational things

      Interesting! I'm just doing the Building A Second Brain course by Tiago Forte and he also captures nice graphics, inspiring formulations, etc.