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  1. Oct 2020
    1. Thefact is, however, that someone’s linguistic repertoire reflectsalife, not just birth, a life that is lived in a real sociocultural,historical, and political space. If such a life develops in a placetorn by violent conflict and dislodged social and politicalrelations, the image of someone being born and bred in onecommunity with one language as his “own” is hardly useful.

      Here Blommaert gives an example of a modernist response to a case like Joseph's. The fact that Joseph's linguistic repertoire, which is the skills and knowledge one has on one or more languages and at different levels, didn't match up with his birth was one reason he wasn't given asylum. However, ones linguistic abilities should not be judged by ones birth but of ones life, especially if the person comes from a violent torn country with a broken social and political climate.

    1. caustic

      Context clues weren't helping so I goggled what the word "caustic" means and it means being sarcastic but in a bitter and mean way. Caustic can also mean having the capability to burn through something chemically. But I think the former is more of the meaning used in the sentence because the context of the sentence has to do with a speaking style.