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  1. Apr 2017
    1. However different the form factors, and the encasings(a ruggedized version is required for the traffic light), they offer common inter-faces, and programming environment.

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    2. drive home some key requirements for the platform at the edge

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    3. This number is expected to grow to a trillion(two to three orders of magnitude!) in a few years.

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    4. Cloud computing frees the enterprise and the end user from the specification ofmany details.

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    1. Compassionate, thoughtful, far reaching digital citizenship should be the start of the conversation in learning to code, not the add-on.

      Don't we start here in all other fields, outside of business and technology?

    2. without addressing the ethical dilemmas posed in how tech is used and can be abused and tie that directly to the humans who make it possible, we not only open Pandora’s box but steadily feed it with astonishing efficiency

      Metropolis (1927) Classic sci-fi - Full Movie

    3. the need for deeper, more nuanced consideration of the social consequences of coding and algorithmic structures

      teaching skill without any foundation in philosophy = worker bees