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  1. May 2021
    1. I) the size, concentrated ownership, owner wealth, and profit orientation of the dominant mass-media firms; (~) advertising as the primary income source of the mass media; (3) the reliance of the media on information provided by government, business, and "experts" funded and approved by these primary sources and agents of power; (4) "flak" as a means of disciplining the media; and (5) "anticommunism" as a national religion and control mechanism. These elements interact with and reinforce one another

      The five filters of the Manufacturing Consent.

    1. The medium is the message" tells us that noticing change in our societal or cultural ground conditions indicates the presence of a new message, that is, the effects of a new medium. With this early warning, we can set out to characterize and identify the new medium before it becomes obvious to everyone - a process that often takes years or even decades

      The effect of New Media that we must consider.

    1. It may have to do with the growing sense that digital justice isn't only about who has access but also about what kind of access they have, how it’s regulated, and how good it is.

      Digital redlining was also about what kind of access they have.

    1. Yet, much of the content surfaced in a web search in a commercial search engine is linked to paid advertising, in part, which helps drive it to the top of the page rank,9 and searchers are not typically clear about the distinctions between “real” information and advertising.

      That's true.

  2. Apr 2021
    1. User 32behaviour is also changing, with single-track downloads far more popular than whole albums. The move to online downloading has seen many record and DVD stores close.

      Now a days, There's no need for us to buy DVDs in DVD stores. Every music can be downloaded online.

    1. Students can participate and shape one another’s learning through peer interaction, new content, enhancement of learning materials and by forming virtual and real-world networks.

      Yes, collaborative learning is now can be essential and important in the 21st century because students can learn themselves apart from teaching them. They can now better than what they thought them.