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  1. Feb 2017
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    1. impact the architecture in Poland

      According to who? Not you, you don't have a background in architecture. You must ride on the credentials of someone who does have a background in architecture, here.

    2. This country gained independence twice in the 20th century. Both of them impact the architecture in Poland.

      These two sentences can be combined together. That would partially solve the ambiguity issue that the other annotation talks about.

    3. gained independence

      When in the 20th century? How far apart? Why is this important to architecture? Why the 20th century? Why focus on this particular time period?

      Right now this sentence stands alone, and there isn't enough context to justify it being there.

    4. politics and architectures in Poland and how the economic and political

      Canbe combined into one phrase. Does not need to be separated into two parts.

      Also, why both politics and economics? Is it really necessary to talk about both in one paper? You only have 3000 words to talk about it. Doing both may be a bit of a reach in terms of scope.

      *It's part of the reason why your sentence is so long.

    5. combined

      Not quiet "combined". You should be using content analysis to analyse the images.

    6. architectures

      "architecture" - does not need to be plural

    7. Related

      This first sentence is quite the run-on sentence. It can be reworded to something much more concise.

    8. economic


    9. architecture and economic and political transformation

      Use a comma here, instead of two 'and's

    10. ,

      Don't need a comma here.