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  1. Apr 2017
    1. Measles has doomsday capabilities.

      bold to strengthen the statement to highlight danger

    2. And there is now a chickenpox vaccine available, too.

      stressing that even less dangerous illness has now a vaccine

    3. This is backed up by NewScientist.com:

      adding quotation for further strengthening of claim and support

    4. However, there’s a stark contrast between measles and chickenpox as Redditor kgt5003 eloquently explains in a discussion about ancient Egyptians and the measles.

      bring up evidence from scientific source with precise quotation to make solid claim

    5. President Obama, Governor Chris Christie, and other public officials

      authority of source

    6. Here are the top 5 conspiracy theories associated with measles and other sorts of vaccines.

      structure to provide more credibility

    7. CNN reports


    8. But what is the anti-vaxxer movement and what sort of fringe theories do they believe?

      question as a rhetorical artifact

    9. Anti-vaxxers choose to still view measles this way, as another childhood illness similar to chickenpox.

      using boldface to summarise view of conspiracists

    10. 1. Egyptians Thought Measles was a Natural Stage of Childhood Development

      boldfaced. Historical stuff as evidence of pre-medicine (so more mythical than science)

    11. In 2014, there were 644 cases of measles reported total.

      very factual, but part of inferential chain.

    12. just

      taking a stance

    13. Measles Outbreak in U.S.: Top 5 Conspiracy Theories

      Title uses biased terminology