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  1. Oct 2018
    1. For the age of biotechnology is not so much about technology itself as it is about human beings empowered by biotechnology.

      From this sentence, my personally understanding is that biotechnology really matters with human being. Biotechnology is "not about technology itself" but "about human beings empowered by biotechnology." In the later passages, author talked about "desire for better children, superior performance..." From this, I can get the message that biotechnology is nothing without making people's life have some changes. And at the same time, author talked about concerns from biotechnology. In fact, what people actually worry about is not just the technology, but the effects that the biotechnology will bring to the human beings based on this sentence I annotated.

    1. While one might call into question the social norms that legitimize and valorize such practices, these are not persuasive reasons to forbid access to such technologies and, one may argue, their need is sincere and crucial to the individuals wellbeing.

      Author talks that even though people use technology for their personal interest, it is till not strong enough to prevent people from using technology. Previously, the author talked about the fact that technology helps people to get mental health such as obtaining confidence by doing cosmetic surgery. In this annotated sentence, author claims that people will also have cosmetic surgeries for some other intentions; however, he says, "their need is sincere and crucial to the individual wellbeing." It shows that everyone matters in this society, and technology is born to be used for people who need no matter for inner or outer needs. Technology should be access to people as long as it is in good purposes for individuals.