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  1. Mar 2019
    1. Pitch Shift

      One example of this technique is Arcade Fire's album The Suburbs. Producer Craig Silvery explained in SOS November 2010 that he used "two short delays from an AMS with a little pitch-shift, one up and one down, which thickened the vocals like a doubler”. https://www.soundonsound.com/people/craig-silvey-mixing-arcade-fire-suburbs

    1. Adjusts the balance between the processed and dry signals.

      Set this to 100% when using delay on a return/aux send.

    2. Today, most delay units are digital, but they often include controls to help them emulate the characteristics of the early tape units, including distortion and low-pass filtering in the delay path and pitch modulation to emulate the wow and flutter of a well-used tape transport.

      While pure digital delay produces perfect echoes, an analogue emulation can be more musically useful, as each successive echo becomes less distinct, creating a sense of distance and perspective.

      Hi-fi echoes tend to confuse the original sound, while the human hearing system seems better able to separate lo-fi echoes from the original clean sound.

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