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  1. Sep 2019
    1. People ask me what’s the purpose of the research. I tellthem that the goal was almost ideological. The goal wasto create an identity for the Israeli wine industry, whichis now struggling and debating and not knowing exactlywhatitis.[...]Ourscriptures are filled with wine andgrapes. We have a very ancient identity, and for me it isvery important to restore this identity. It is a matter ofnational pride.

      Shivi Drori says that the purpose of his research is to create an identity for the Israeli wine industry because wine was and is important to him and the history of Israel. This passage shows that the Israeli Wine Industry is not all about money but in trying to create a new national identity through Wine. I believe this evidence to be helpful.

    2. cospecies

      Two or more closely related/similar species. The author used this term to say that a grapevine resembles other grapevines that are similar to it.